Poets of the Fall

For me, good music is all about the stories it tells. It is the sound that draws me in, but always the lyrics that make me stay. If they speak to me in any form, to my head, my heart, or in the best of cases my soul, I will allow the music to win me over and take me away to places I have never been. Poets of the Fall create such music. They offer a unique, yet familiar sound and lyrics that flow like poetry. In addition to making beautiful songs they are the best live band I know, their shows always leaving me exhausted and with a huge smile on my face.

The Band

  • Marko Saaresto – vocals
  • Olli Tukianen – guitar
  • Markus “Captain” Kaarlonen – keyboards
  • Jani Snellman – bass
  • Jari Salminen – drums
  • Jaska Mäkinen – guitar


  • Anton Laurila – drums
  • Teijo Jämsä – drums
  • Sami Osala – drums
  • Tuomas Rauhala – drums

more information: www.poetsofthefall.com

The Concerts

235 gigs, 92 cities, 24 countries, 463 788 km – do you ever dream of the world like I do?






  • Helsinki, Virgin Oil, December 12th
  • Pori, Bar Kino, December 11th
  • Lahti, Finnlandia-Klubi, December 5th
  • MS Baltic Princess, December 3rd
  • St. Petersburg, Kosmonaut, November 21st
  • Moscow, Ray Just Arena, November 20th
  • Turku, Venus Nightlife, October 24th
  • Helsinki, Pressa, October 16th
  • Lappeenranta, Amarillo, October 10th
  • Vantaa, Tulisuudelma, September 27th
  • Bangalore, Autumn Muse Festival, August 29th
  • London, Scala, June 4th
  • Amsterdam, Melkweg, June 3rd
  • Arnhem, Luxor Live, June 2nd
  • Milan, Live Club, May 28th
  • Helsinki, Pressa, April 11th
  • Kouvola, House of Rock, April 10th
  • Espoo, Sellosali, March 20th
  • Vantaa, Tulisuudelma, February 27th









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