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Martin and James

I fell in love with the music of Martin and James the very first time I heard and saw them play as a support act in September 2010. I had to wait for two more support gigs and half a year before they anounced a headline tour.

In May 2011 they played 9 gigs in 8 cities. I originally planned for 3 of them and ended up seeing 7. All concerts were amazing, they got better every night, entertaining us with beautiful music and often funny stories. Here are some impressions from those shows.

Hamburg / Bielefeld / Cologne (Blue Shell) / Cologne (Luxor) / Dortmund / Aschaffenburg / Berlin / Rot an der Rot

In February 2012 Martin and James went on tour once again with an even crazier schedule than the previous year: 11 concerts in 12 days. I toured with them as much as possible, seeing 8 of those 12 concerts. Each concert was amazing and I hope I managed to capture some of the fun and the magic I saw during those cold February days. In March one gig in Arnhem followed and in May I was on tour with them again through Germany and even to Switzerland – this time without a band. The year also brought two private gigs and ended with a support gig in Berlin in December.

Bremen / Cologne / Osnabrück / Darmstadt / Dortmund / Berlin (Magnet Club) / Göttingen / Munich / Arnhem / Cologne (Music Store) / Dachau / Zurich / Basel / Berlin (Malzwiese)

2013 as not a Martin and James year for me. For the first half of the year they only played a few support gigs and announced them so late that I could not attend. August brought one private concert and another support gig. When they finally went on tour in the fall, I didn’t have the time to attend many shows, but I was lucky enough to be at their Christmas concert in Glasgow.

Dortmund / Hamburg / Düsseldorf / Frankfurt

In 2014 their ‘Life’s a show Tour’ continued and these concert marked the end of seeing Martin and James for me. They played one more summer gig that I did not attend and quietly dissolved with James moving back to Scotland.

Rostock / Bremen / Kiel / Bielefeld

Both of them have been working on solo projects since, but I have to admit that it does not appeal to me. Together, they created magic, but on their own they make music that does not speak to me beyond being nice and listenable.

Jim Kroft

Jim Kroft I saw first when he supported Martin and James on their 2012 tour. I did not really know what to make of him then, but gradually he won me over and I’ve been visiting his concerts ever since. I don’t follow him as much as other people, but over the years, I’ve managed to catch quite a few shows.

2012: on tour with Martin and James / Cologne
2013: Cologne/ Unna / Dortmund / Hamburg / Düsseldorf / Frankfurt
2014: Berlin
2015: Dortmund / Essen / Cologne
2016: Berlin / Cologne

The Anatomy of Frank

I discovered The Anatomy Of Frank as Iceland Airwaves and loved them. I don’t have the time to always follow them, but try to catch a few shows on every tour they do. their singer, Kyle Woolard has been touring with Árstíðir and Svavar Knútur, so I have seen him solo a lot

2014: Iceland Airwaves
2015: Kyle solo: Baden / Vienna / Hohenems / Salzburg / Bleiburg / Gutenbrunn & Aof: Bordesholm / Cochem / Wetzlar
2016: Kyle solo: Hagen / Annaberg / Munich / Aschaffenburg / Esslingen / Erlangen / Berlin / Cologne / Munster / Freiburg & AoF: Stockholm / Frankfurt / Aschaffenburg / Basel / Paris / Iceland Airwaves

Ragnar Ólafsson

When I first met Ragnar he played the baritone guitar in Árstíðir and about a year later he switched to the piano. Meanwhile, we had become friends and slowly, I checked out all the other bands he played it. whenever I thought I knew all the music he made now, something new came up. In 2016, he decided he needed to make a solo album so naturally I checked out the music. When he played his first ever concert as a solo artist, I flew to Reykjavík to be there and in 2017, when he did his first solo tour I was there as well.

2016: SoFaR Reykjavík / Iceland Airwaves
2017: Łódź / Poznan / Konin / Zabrze / Dłutówek / Mysłowice / Cieszyn / Oświęcim / Krakow / Przybysławice / Kasimierz Dolny / Radzyń Podlaski /Warsaw

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