Played scissor paper rock, I’d run till I was caught, games end but nothing stops

Indica – Zeche, Bochum; October 31st, 2010

The first time I saw Indica was in 2009 when they played for the annual “Helsinki in Berlin” concert. I had really enjoyed their set then and was looking forward to seeing them again.  Their latest album was an English one, while all the older ones are in Finnish. I like them either way and expected a mixture of both languages.

Since the concert took place on Halloween the stage was appropriately decorated with spiderwebs. By the time the concert started  at 8:00 p.m. a pretty good crowd had gathered.

The stage was unlit as singer Jonsu walked out wearing a cape with a chain of lights around the hood. The effect was a little spooky, but very beautiful. They played the entire first song in the dark, creating an eerie atmosphere.  The fans loved it, singing along enthusiastically.

The five women played mostly the English songs off their current album ‘A way away’, but threw in two finnish songs as well. They joked with each other, bantered on stage and showed how tallented they are playing multiple instruments. Singer Jonsu plays the violin and keyboarder Sirkku plays the calrinet too. Laura on drums, Heini on bass and Jenni on guitar complete the band.

It was clear to see how much fun they were having with each other. At one point Jonsu ran off stage, just to be caught and carried back by Laura. Then Heini talked her into playing a guitar solo and she did it well too.

One highlight of the night was the beautiful cover of Kate Bush’s ‘Wuthering Heights’ followed by two of  my personal favorites ‘In Passing’ and ‘Straight and Arrow’. It’s interesting how these songs have the same melody as their Finnish counterparts ‘Valoissa’ and ‘Pahinta tänään’, but the lyrics are completely different.

This song ended the set and they came back for only one encore, ‘Eerie Eden’, before they left for good.

I enjoyed the gig, but it was much too short for me to get into it. I was left with a feeling of “not enough” and would have enjoyed to hear more of their Finnish songs. All in all a nice night, that was over before it started feeling like a real concert.


A way Away
As If
Islands Of Light
Children Of Frost
Nursery Crimes
Scissor Paper Rock
Precious Dark
Outside In
Wuthering Heights
In Passing
Straight & Arrow

Eerie Eden

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