The Anatomy of Frank

I accidentally stumbled upon The Anatomy of Frank at Iceland Airwaves in 2014. Went to the venue to saw the band that was scheduled to play after them, but they were running later, so I got to see and hear the end of their set. The two or three songs I witnessed where enough to fall in love with the music and once I got back to my hotel and checked the schedule I happily found they were playing a lot more shows. I went to three more concerts here and have since been lucky enough to see the band on their European tours. Kyle, the singer, supported Árstíðir on two of their tours – more concerts for me.

I enjoyed the ride as long as it lasted and somewhere between 2018 and 2020 the band quietly dissoveld. Kyle continued as a solo artist under a new name, Glorious Leader and finally toured outside the US again in 2024.

The Band

  • Kyle Woolard – guitar and vocals
  • Jimmy Bullis – keyboards
  • Max Bollinger – drums

The Concerts

31 with the band plus 20 solo concerts, 30 cities, 7 countries





Kyle Solo (supporting Árstíðir and Svavar Knútur)


  • Wetzlar, Cafe Vinyl, November 1st
  • Cochem, San Christobal   , October 31st
  • Bordesholm, Savoy Kino, October 30th

Kyle Solo (supporting Árstíðir )

  • Gutenbrunn, Bühnenwirtshaus Juster, March 28th
  • Bleiburg, Altes Brauhaus, March 27th
  • Salzburg, Oval, March 26th
  • Hohenems, Löwensaal, March 25th
  • Vienna, Sargfabrik, March 24th
  • Baden, Cinema Paradiso, March 23rd