Bruce Springsteen

Bruce has kept me company for over 30 years now. His music has been there to carry me through bad times and party with through good ones. There is a deep connection I feel whenever I listen to those songs that took my heart so many years ago or whenever I have the chance to go to one of his concerts. They have brought many dreams and memories and have helped me find my wonderful tour family and some good friends.

The E Street Band

  • Bruce Springsteen – vocals and guitar
  • Roy Bittan – piano
  • Clarence Clemons – saxophone (R.I.P.)
  • Danny Federici  – organ (R.I.P.)
  • Nils Lofgren – guitar
  • Patti Scialfa – backing vocals and guitar
  • Garry Tallent – bass
  • Steven Van Zandt – guitar
  • Max Weinberg – drums
  • Jake Clemons – saxophone
  • Charles Giordano – organ
  • Soozie Tyrell – violin

The Seeger Sessions Band

  • Bruce Springsteen – lead vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica
  • Marc “Chocolate Genius” Thompson – acoustic guitar, background vocals, some featured lead vocals
  • Patti Scialfa – acoustic guitar, background vocals, some featured lead and duet vocals
  • Frank Bruno – acoustic guitar, background vocals, occasional drums and washboard
  • Soozie Tyrell – electric violin, background vocals
  • Sam Bardfeld – violin
  • Greg Liszt – banjo
  • Marty Rifkin – pedal steel guitar
  • Charles Giordano – piano, organ, accordion
  • Jeremy Chatzky – upright bass, occasional electric bass
  • Larry Eagle – drums
  • Lisa Lowell – background vocals
  • Curtis King – background vocals
  • Cindy Mizelle – background vocals
  • Art Baron – tuba, occasional trombone
  • Eddie Manion – saxophone
  • Mark Pender and/or Curt Ramm – trumpet
  • Richie “La Bamba” Rosenberg and/or Clark Gayton – trombone

The concerts

76 concerts, 34 cities, 14 countries, 94 553 km traveled – tramps like us…


Springsteen on Broadway 2018

The River Tour 2016

Wrecking Ball Tour 2013

Wrecking Ball Tour 2012

Working on a Dream Tour 2009

  • Philadelphia, Spectrum, October 14th
  • Philadelphia, Spectrum, October 13th
  • Rome, Stadio Olimpico,  July 19th
  • Dublin, RDS Arena, July 12th
  • Dublin, RDS Arena, July 11th
  • Stockholm, Stadium, June 7th
  • Stockholm, Stadium, June 5th
  • Stockholm, Stadium, June 4th
  • Tampere, Stadium, June 2nd

Magic Tour 2008

Magic Tour 2007

  • Paris, Palais Omnisports, December 17th, 2007
  • Cologne, Arena, December 13th, 2007

Seeger Sessions Tour 2006

  • Dublin, The Point, November 19th
  • Dublin, The Point, November 18th
  • Dublin, The Point, November 17th
  • Cologne, Arena, November 6th
  • Hamburg, Color Line Arena, October 12th
  • Verona, Arena, October 5th
  • Oslo, Spektrum, May 20th
  • Frankfurt, Festhalle, May 17th
  • Manchester, MEN Arena, May 7th

Devils and Dust Tour 2005

  • Berlin, ICC, June 28th
  • Hamburg, Color Line Arena, June 27th
  • Stockholm, Hovet, June 25th
  • Düsseldorf, Philipshalle, June 16th
  • Dublin, The Point, May 24th

Rising Tour 2003

  • Milan, San Siro, June 28th
  • Vienna, Ernst Hapel Stadion, June 25th
  • Copenhagen, Parken, June 14th
  • Hamburg, Aol Arena, June 12th
  • Dublin, RDS Arena, May 31st
  • Manchester, Old Trafford Cricket Ground, May 29th
  • London, Crystal Palace Bowl, May 27th
  • London, Crystal Palace Bowl, May 26th
  • Gelsenkirchen, Arena auf Schalke, May 22nd
  • Ludwigshafen, Südweststadion, May 10th
  • Rotterdam, Feyenord Stadion, May 8th
  • Rotterdam, Feyenord Stadion, May 6th

Rising Tour 2002

  • Berlin, Velodrome, October 20th, 2002

Reunion Tour 1999

  • East Rutherford, Continental Airlines Arena, August 9th
  • East Rutherford, Continental Airlines Arena, August 7th
  • East Rutherford, Continental Airlines Arena, August 6th
  • East Rutherford, Continental Airlines Arena, August 4th
  • East Rutherford, Continental Airlines Arena, August 2nd
  • East Rutherford, Continental Airlines Arena, August 1st
  • Arnhem, Geldredome, June 20th
  • Arnhem, Geldredome, June 19th
  • Bremen, Weserstation, June 17th
  • Offenbach, Stadion am Bieberer Berg, June 15th
  • Leipzig, Bruno Plache Stadion, June 13th
  • Berlin, Wuhlheide, May 30th
  • Berlin, Wuhlheide, May 29th

Ghost of Tom Joad Tour 1996