BAP is the only German band I follow. Their often thoughtful and political lyrics got my attention in 1988 and after discovering they are a great live band too, they never let me go. All these years and all these gigs later they are still giving me food for though as well as a reason to rock. The Cologne dialect they sing always makes me feel at home and going to one of their shows, means being with friends.


  • Wolfgang Niedecken: vocals
  • Werner Kopal: bass
  • Michael Naß: keyboards
  • Anne de Wolff: violin
  • Ulrich Rode: guitar
  • Sönke Reich: drums


  • Rhani Krija: percussion

former members between 1989 and 2015 

  • Mario Argandona: percussion
  • Manfred “Schmal” Boecker: percussion
  • Stefan Kriegeskorte = “Steve Borg”: bass
  • Alexander “Effendi” Büchel: keyboards
  • Sheryl Hackett: percussion (R.I.P.)
  • Klaus “Major” Heuser: guitar
  • Helmut Krumminga: guitar
  • Jens Streifling: guitar, saxophone
  • Hans “Fonz” Wollrath: sounds
  • Jürgen Zöller: drums

The concerts

62 concerts in 30 cities in Germany

Schliesslich unendlich Tour 2022

Live und deutlich Tour 2019

Familienalbum Tour 2018

Jubiläumstour 2016

BAP zieht den Stecker Tour 2014

Das volle Programm / Klassiker 2012

Klassiker Tour / Halv su Wild 2011

Extratour 2010

Radio Pandora Tour 2009

  • Cologne, Roncalliplatz, September 11th
  • Düren, Burg Nideggen, August 21st
  • Aachen, Euregress, March 30th
  • Wuppertal, Unihalle, March 21st

Radio Pandora Tour 2008

  • Cologne, Kölnarena, December 26th

Greatest Hits Tour 2007

  • Cologne, Roncalliplatz, August 11th
  • Cologne, Roncalliplatz, August 10th

Greatest Hits Tour 2006

  • Osnabrück, Stadthalle, December 14th
  • Düsseldorf, Philipshalle, December 1st
  • Münster, Halle Münsterland, April 2nd
  • Oberhausen, König-Pilsener Arena, April 1st
  • Hannover, AWD Hall, March 18th
  • Cologne, Kölnarena, January 15th
  • Cologne, Kölnarena, January 14th

Sommer Sonx 2005

  • Nierstein, Gemeindepark, July 9th

X mas tour 2005

  • Trier, Europahalle, January 15th

Sonx Tour 2004

  • Wuppertal, Waldbühne an der Hardt, August 29th
  • Bedburg, Schloß Moyland, August 28th
  • Worms, Festwiese, July 30th
  • Cologne, Palladium, May 9th
  • Cologne, Palladium, May 8th
  • Cologne, Palladium, May 7th
  • Cologne, Palladium, May 6th
  • Göttingen, Stadthalle, April 18th
  • Kassel, Stadthalle, March 30th

3 warm-ups bis Berlin 2004

  • Pahlen, Eiderlandhalle, March 20th

X-Mas Shows 2002

  • Euskirchen, Bürgerhaus, December 22nd
  • Euskirchen, Bürgerhaus, December 21st
  • Euskirchen, Bürgerhaus, December 20th

Övverall Tour 2002

  • Berlin, Pariser Platz, September 15th
  • Cologne, Tanzbrunnen, September 14th
  • Fulda, Schloßhof, August 23rd
  • Gießen, Schiffenberg, June 23rd
  • Salzgitter, Schloß Salder, June 16th
  • Bonn, Museumsmeile, June 8th

Aff un zo Tour 2002

  • Munich, Georg Elser Halle, March 30th
  • Lübeck, Musik- und Kongresszentrum, March 28th

Aff un zo Tour 2001

  • Cologne, Kölnarena, December 17th
  • Cologne, Kölnarena, December 16th
  • Hamburg, CCH 3, November 19th

Partytour 2000

  • Cologne, Tanzbrunnen, June 17th

Tonfilm Tour 1999

  • Osnabrück, Stadthallle, December 21st

Comics und Pin ups Tour 1999

  • Cologne, Kölnarena, May 10th
  • Cologne, Kölnarena, May 9th
  • Cologne, Kölnarena, May 8th

Amerikatour 1997

  • Osnabrück, Stadthalle, January 9th

X für e U Tour 1991

  • Hannover, Capitol, January 23rd

Da Capo Tour 1989