BAP is the only German band I follow. Their often thoughtful and political lyrics got my attention in 1988 and after discovering they are a great live band too, they never let me go. All these years and all these gigs later they are still giving me food for though as well as a reason to rock. The Cologne dialect they sing always makes me feel at home and going to one of their shows, means being with friends.


  • Wolfgang Niedecken: vocals
  • Werner Kopal: bass
  • Michael Naß: keyboards
  • Anne de Wolff: violin
  • Ulrich Rode: guitar
  • Sönke Reich: drums


  • Rhani Krija: percussion

former members between 1989 and 2015 

  • Mario Argandona: percussion
  • Manfred “Schmal” Boecker: percussion
  • Stefan Kriegeskorte = “Steve Borg”: bass
  • Alexander “Effendi” Büchel: keyboards
  • Sheryl Hackett: percussion (R.I.P.)
  • Klaus “Major” Heuser: guitar
  • Helmut Krumminga: guitar
  • Jens Streifling: guitar, saxophone
  • Hans “Fonz” Wollrath: sounds
  • Jürgen Zöller: drums

The concerts

62 concerts in 30 cities in Germany

Schliesslich unendlich Tour 2022

  • Cologne, Lanxess Arena, March 30th

Live und deutlich Tour 2019

Familienalbum Tour 2018

Jubiläumstour 2016

BAP zieht den Stecker Tour 2014

Das volle Programm / Klassiker 2012

Klassiker Tour / Halv su Wild 2011

Extratour 2010

Radio Pandora Tour 2009

  • Cologne, Roncalliplatz, September 11th
  • Düren, Burg Nideggen, August 21st
  • Aachen, Euregress, March 30th
  • Wuppertal, Unihalle, March 21st

Radio Pandora Tour 2008

  • Cologne, Kölnarena, December 26th

Greatest Hits Tour 2007

  • Cologne, Roncalliplatz, August 11th
  • Cologne, Roncalliplatz, August 10th

Greatest Hits Tour 2006

  • Osnabrück, Stadthalle, December 14th
  • Düsseldorf, Philipshalle, December 1st
  • Münster, Halle Münsterland, April 2nd
  • Oberhausen, König-Pilsener Arena, April 1st
  • Hannover, AWD Hall, March 18th
  • Cologne, Kölnarena, January 15th
  • Cologne, Kölnarena, January 14th

Sommer Sonx 2005

  • Nierstein, Gemeindepark, July 9th

X mas tour 2005

  • Trier, Europahalle, January 15th

Sonx Tour 2004

  • Wuppertal, Waldbühne an der Hardt, August 29th
  • Bedburg, Schloß Moyland, August 28th
  • Worms, Festwiese, July 30th
  • Cologne, Palladium, May 9th
  • Cologne, Palladium, May 8th
  • Cologne, Palladium, May 7th
  • Cologne, Palladium, May 6th
  • Göttingen, Stadthalle, April 18th
  • Kassel, Stadthalle, March 30th

3 warm-ups bis Berlin 2004

  • Pahlen, Eiderlandhalle, March 20th

X-Mas Shows 2002

  • Euskirchen, Bürgerhaus, December 22nd
  • Euskirchen, Bürgerhaus, December 21st
  • Euskirchen, Bürgerhaus, December 20th

Övverall Tour 2002

  • Berlin, Pariser Platz, September 15th
  • Cologne, Tanzbrunnen, September 14th
  • Fulda, Schloßhof, August 23rd
  • Gießen, Schiffenberg, June 23rd
  • Salzgitter, Schloß Salder, June 16th
  • Bonn, Museumsmeile, June 8th

Aff un zo Tour 2002

  • Munich, Georg Elser Halle, March 30th
  • Lübeck, Musik- und Kongresszentrum, March 28th

Aff un zo Tour 2001

  • Cologne, Kölnarena, December 17th
  • Cologne, Kölnarena, December 16th
  • Hamburg, CCH 3, November 19th

Partytour 2000

  • Cologne, Tanzbrunnen, June 17th

Tonfilm Tour 1999

  • Osnabrück, Stadthallle, December 21st

Comics und Pin ups Tour 1999

  • Cologne, Kölnarena, May 10th
  • Cologne, Kölnarena, May 9th
  • Cologne, Kölnarena, May 8th

Amerikatour 1997

  • Osnabrück, Stadthalle, January 9th

X für e U Tour 1991

  • Hannover, Capitol, January 23rd

Da Capo Tour 1989