Ragnar Ólafsson

The first time I met Ragnar Ólafsson was in September 2012 when I saw him perform with Árstíðir. Back then I was working for an online magazine and had contacted the band before the gig about a photo pass. He was the one who replied. At that first meeting I uttered my famous last words “I cannot follow another band, I already follow too many”. I knew then I was lying, that of course I would follow them, but I would not have thought that we’d become friends somewhere along the way.

Eventually I learned that Árstíðir is not the only band he plays in, just one of many. I’ve since listened to Ask the Slave, Lightspeed Legend, Sign, Momentum, In Siren, different Turns and a few other projects he was involved in and was always amazed by the sheer variety of music. When he started recording his first solo album in 2016 I had the great pleasure of hearing some of the songs in advance and when the songs were performed live for the first time, I was there too. Needless to say I have not missed a tour since. In 2020 he started a Patreon and it’s a lovely community to be part of.

More information: https://www.patreon.com/ragnarolafsson

The Concerts

124 gigs with his solo material in 66 cities and 8 countries, plus six other concerts (not listed: 1 show with Pain of Salvation and 10 with Sólstafir)