Amanda Palmer

My road to Amanda Fucking Palmer has been a long and winded one. Some years ago, I cannot remember exactly when, a friend recommended her Ted Talk on The Art of Asking to me. I watched and loved it. Afterwards I ordered her book on the same topic and it might have been that year I spent New Year’s Eve reading it. I could not really relate to the music I tried, but joined her Patreon in 2016, curious to see what she did. Liking her more and more and enjoying some of the music I decided I needed to see her live. Bought tickets in 2017 and almost didn’t make it due to the gigs colliding with another tour.  Eventually there was only one option left, I went to the gig and have not looked back since.

Amanda Palmer is an amazing performer, speaking to my emotions every single time and her concerts were clearly what was missing in my life until I discovered her, only I didn’t know that. Now I cannot wait to see where else this will lead me.

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The Concerts

14 concerts in 10 cities and 8 countries