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Ezio – Matrix, Bochum; 27.04.2011

After seeing them in Cologne in March with the full band, it was time for only Ezio & Booga tonight. Cologne was a good gig, with many fun songs, but tonight was really special. They dug up some stuff that I have not heard in years and somehow the mood and the atmosphere were so much better than a month ago.

I arrived in time for the doors to open and was almost the only one at first. Saw Booga, complimented him on his new hairstyle (rastas) and was happy to see more people show up. By showtime it around 8:30 p.m. the place was filled.

The walked to the small stage through the crowd, grabbed their guitars, said “Hello” and started with ‘A small dream’. Somehow the spark was there from the start. The audience was really into it and by the second song, ’30 and confused’, everyone was singing along loudly. They both liked that, continued with ‘Supermarkets’ and then ‘Braver than you are’.

In between songs, Ezio talked a lot, made me laugh really hard too. He started telling us “I though this place was gonna be hard to find. In Dusseldorf at the train station I said ‘Two tickets to Bokkum’ and the guy just stared at us. You know, English people don’t change pronunciation when they are not understood, they just speak louder, so I said ‘TWO TICKETS TO BOKKUM’. Then we varied pronunciation and eventually arrived at Boochum.” XD

They played a great mixture of songs, old and new and for some reason the atmosphere was very special. We heard ‘Bicycle’ and got ‘the Further we stretch’ early on – great sing along from the audience on every song – people knew all the words. When Ezio asked us what we wanted to hear, we said ‘Oranges’, ‘Moonstruck’, ‘Angel Song’ and ‘Song for the tempted’ so he told us “Usually we wait for something reasonable and then just play it. None of that was reasonable.” (laughter) So a woman suggested “‘Bruce Springsteen’ then” and we got that. But there were many surprises too ‘Steal away’, ‘Mermaid Song’ and even ‘Cinderella’ – some songs I had not heard in a long time..

In-between the talking continued. Ezio told a story about being on holiday in Bad Münstereifel at the hotel were Heino lives. “He’s a nice guy”, then his sound guy showed him videos on youTube – he proceeded to mimic Heino. So funny. He talked on until some rather drunk woman yelled “Shut up and play!” His reply? “Yeah, I remember my first beer too.” XD

Booga was in a great mood as well. There was a lot of spontaneity in the show, great songs and much fun. ‘One more walk round the dance floor’ made an appearance, juts like ’59 yard’. Ezio sang the line “One day you’re gonna die” in different styles and we were to follow. First he did Johnny Cash, then (according to our wishes) Heino and after Booga did Skooby Doo – barking. We all enjoyed it.

It all ended with two encores, before they left us. Happy faces all around. Before I left, I thanked Ezio and Booga for the wonderful concert. They too agreed that it was a special night

The songs that were played (probably not complete)

A small dream
30 and confused
Braver than you are
The Further we stretch
I still want you
Bruce Springsteen
Steal away
One more walk around the dance floor
Mermaid Song
Just to talk to you again
Saxon Street
Call me tomorrow

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