Familiar faces, beautiful lights and no party

Árstíðir – Lucerna Music Bar, Prague; May 3rd, 2016

Árstíðir’s concert in Prague was just as amazing as I had expected. The venue is gorgeous with a round stage that people can stand around and a balcony on the second level to take pictures from. It also had good sound and great lights. It is clearly a rock venue, but works just as well for other music. The audience was young and enthusiastic and the guys were relaxed and happy to be playing for them. Energy was high all night, good vibes flowing back and forth between the stage and the people in front. It was the perfect kick off for the second half of this tour.

P. and I arrived on the night train around noon, found our hotel and had time foe a little sightseeing walk and some dinner before we checked out where the venue was. Once there we realized they did not open at 7 as we expected, but at 8 so we returned to our hotel for a while. Back one hour later we were still the first people in line, but soon others joined us. One of them, J., was a new fan in his early 20ies who had never seen them live before. I commented on his iamthemorning T-Shirt and we got into a nice conversation about music. He was so excited to be there it was contagious.

Despite being downstairs the venue has two floors with a high ceiling that look impressive. It was just like I remembered it  from last time and after some discussions with the venue’s crew was allowed upstairs access to take pictures. First though I took a spot downstairs in front row, slightly to the left as usual. Got myself a drink, chatted, waited, said hello to Masha at the merch stand and saw a few familiar faces. I had so many good memories from the last time they had played here that I was curious to see how the night would develop. 🙂

The first notes of ‘Himinhvel’ rang out and all attention shifted to the stage. People listened, but didn’t do so in quiet reverie like in Flensburg, but more enthusiastically, showing their appreciation with shouts, clapping and general participation. With such an enthusiastic audience the atmosphere was charged with energy that carried the band through the evening. They played more or less the usual setlist, but the songs sounded new and fresh again. The room was filled with positive vibes. Everywhere I looked I saw happy faces and especially J. looked like he could not believe his luck. It reminded me very much of my own reaction the first time I saw them. 🙂

When the tour dates first came out I hadn’t known if I’d be able to make it to Prague, because it was a mid-week gig, but soon realized that I wasn’t kidding anyone and just had to be there. Since P. wanted to go as well there was all the more reason to plan. 🙂 I was into it from the very first moment and even though I spent a lot of time taking pictures, even going upstairs for a while during the second half, it didn’t take any of the beauty away. I listened with all of my heart and loved every second. It was fun to watch from upstairs and see not only the and but the audience reaction. Rarely am I granted a view like that. 🙂

Apart from the songs I love every time I hear them, there were so many little happy moments and to my surprise ‘Naetureylur’ was back in the set. It is one of those songs that are played rarely enough for me to forget it at times and than being all the more enjoyable when it is played. The guys were talkative too, but I cannot recall any details. My strongest memory is the general good atmosphere in the room and the appreciative audience. By the looks of it, P. enjoyed it too occasionally exchanging a few words with J. during the breaks.

Time flew by and their set ended with Shades. The place erupted into cheers when they left and loudly demanded more. They happily obliged and even gave us something extra. Gunnar explained “We were not gonna play this song, but you are such a nice audience and so it goes…” – it was beautiful! <3 ‘Heiðin’ then was the very last one before it was over any many people took the chance to chat with them by the merchandise stand.

The usual Prague gang gathered and waited since we had made plans to go out with the guys like the previous years. However, this time around thy were not interested. Apparently the tour had already involved too much partying. Thus it was time for goodbye. Until we see each other again!


Things you said
Someone who cares
Sunday Morning
Þér ég unni
Á meðan jörðin sjefur
Nú gleymist ég
Við dagsins hnig
Ljoð í sand
You just have to know of me
Heyr, himna smiður
You again

And so it goes

pictures of this concert

Árstíðir spring tour: 12 concerts down, 8 to go, next stop: Freistadt

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