Disco Ensemble – Sputnikhalle, Münster; September 8th 2010

Disco Ensemble are one of the bands I would have never taken notice of had I not been interested in Finland in general and Finnish music in particular. I would call it “punkish”, but I don’t like putting labels on bands and I have no clue about these things either. Anyway, when I noticed they were playing in Münster I though: Why not?

The Sputnikhalle is small and I got my camera in without a problem. They had some cool decoration too, but I really hated the fact that people were allowed to smoke *cough cough*. Slowly the place filled up and from hearing people talk I gathered there were some that had been waiting to see them (again) for quite some time. So once again it was me, the casually interested, between the die hard fans in front row. 😉

The support act, Jaakko & Jay were enthusiastc and fun to watch, but not really my style of music. They played punky tunes with just their guitars and a cymbal. The drumbeat drove the songs forward, the singing was strong. I enjoyed it, but I would not listen to this at home.

It got more crowded before Disco Ensemble came on stage and due to the music they make I expected pushing and shovving. It was OK though because I had the opportunity to brace myself agaist the stage. Got a bit bruised I suppose, but it did not spoil the fun. They were really good, lots of live power.

I don’t know any of their songs very well, but everyone around me did and rocked along. Me, I just went with the flow, watched band and audience, let the music carry me for a while. The music it my mood and the disorder in my thoughts that I was trying to escape. It worked well to just listen and groove to the songs I didn’t know yet and to sing along as much as possible to those I did know. The energy in the room was strong, it was easy to let go of negative thoughs and just enjoy. When the gig as over I felt a bit like waking from adream, slowly coming to my senses. This concert was sure worth going to.

Pitch Black Cloud
Drop dead Casanova
Semi Eternal Flame / Undo
Threat letter typewriter
Black Euro
Bad luck charme
We might fall apart
White Flag for Peace

Bay of Biscay
So Cold
Worst night out
Magic recoveries

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