Carry me to the river of my fortune

Phoenix Effect- On the Rocks, Helsinki; August 5th, 2009

Take a bunch of Poets of the Fall fans from all over Europe, mix with a handful of Phoenix Effect fans from Germany and Finland and a few more interested listeners, add a fairly new yet brilliant Finnnish band and an unkown but fun British support act,  move them all to a small club in Helsinki, stir and watch the results.

We were there early, sitting at tables outside, having drinks and sharing stories, before going downstairs into the club and taking up the front row. It was great to have so many friends around me and I was especially happy to see B. again who had come from Germany just to see Phoenix Effect. We had a lot of fun, especially pretending that my friend E. was really famous and we all wanted her autograph. It didn’t seem all that long before the concert started.

British band ‘The Two Timers’ were the support act. I have never heard of them, but they made some great music to grove to and thy sure knew how to get the audience going. I loved it and they were a great warm up for the Finnish guys we were waiting for.

Soon after Janne, Lauri, Pyry and anton walked on stage, all smiles, launching right into the first song. In addition to songs from their first album ‘Cyanide Skies’ they played a rocking new song ‘Into Flame’. I wish I could remember the setlist, but I really have no idea what they played, except fro ‘Broken Promises’, ‘King see no evil’ and my favorite ‘Carry me’. I do think thy played the full album though.

The singing along in the audience was so good that Lauri stared at us, probably wondering why we knew all the words. It was lovely and I just completely fell into the music and loved every minute of it. It’s a shame they don’t have more songs they could play.

After the gig the guys were walking around in the club and I had a nice chat with both Janne and Anton. We were all laughing when E. walked up to Janne, announcing “I’m very famous, would you like to have my autograph” and he played along, letting her sign his wristband.

Once the guys were gone, it was time for us to change loaction. The long night ended with me walking home into the sunrise around 5 a.m. 🙂


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