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Suburban Tribe – Helsinki; November 12th 2010

Seeing Suburban Tribe was quite a mixed experience. At the same concert I was sung to (awww!) and hit in the forehead with a microphone cable (ouch!). I still loved every minute of it.

Once again I found myself in Helsinki for a concert. My original plans for the weekend had fallen through and when my friend I. suggested I could come along to see suburban Tribe instead, I gladly agree. Not that I knew much of their music, but I liked the tracks I had heard so far and I know I can trust I.’s judgement. Not only did I not regret that decision, I was extremely happy to have taken it. 😀

We got there early as usual and easily made it to the front. The show started with support act The Blanko. They were OK, but nothing more. It was an entertaining show for show with especially the singer putting much energy into the performance. Still, their music left me feeling blank got a boring after a while.

After a break, Suburban Tribe finally came on. Ville, all cool with sunglasses, swaying to the music, acting it out and apparently having fun doing it. He loved the reception he got from the audience, playfully gesturing for more cheers. Then he started singing and I loved his voice immediately. He is one of the performers that draw all attention to him, not only because he does not stand still for a second.

The sunglasses came off soon. The dreadlock hair kept falling down, no matter how many times Ville tried to put it up. No wonder with all the head banging, jumping about and even rolling around on stage. The rest of the band gave all they had too, giving a powerful performance.

There was a lot of energy on stage, band and audience were much into it, and the noise level was pretty good. Ville was always at the front, looking straight at people, singing to them. He sang to me at one point, but unfortunately I could not sing back, not knowing the lyrics. Thus, I just enjoyed looking into his eyes. In the end he even jumped off stage into the crowd, “catching” us with his mic chord (what is it with the singers not using chordless mics any more?). As he hopped back on stage he pulled in the chord and it smacked into my forehead .Despite being hit, I loved the show. It was amazing! What a great night!

Needless to say I bought all of their CDs after! On the way out, I grabbed some ice from a bucked with beer to cool my forehead. Good decision, as there was nothing left to see the next morning where an angry red streak had been.

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