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Matthau Mikojan / Eves End – Bahnhof Langendreer, Bochum; September 25th 2010

On short notice I found out Matthau Mikojan were playing a free concert in Bochum, organized by the Deutsch-Finnische Gesellschaft. I had seen them at the Seasons of Sound in Helsinki at the beginning of the year and enjoyed the music. Nothing I would necessarily pay much money for, but very listenable and entertaining. Bochum is close and Saturday was convenient so off we went.

The place was small, but very well lit. I love it when there is enough light to actually take decent photos. The crowd was enthusiastic, even if there weren’t so many. Some Matthau Mikojan fans had cme from quite far away to see them and now occupied the front row. I stayed back a bit, switching sides often to see and photograph the bands from different angles.

First up were Eves End from Germany, very listenable and fun to watch. The five piece band was really into it and especially the singer played to the crowd. He was constantly moving on stage and showing off too. It was very entertaining and what he lacked in charisma he made up for in enthusiasm. The songs were nothing special in my opinion, but not terribly bad either. A good support act overall.

Matthau Mikojan came on stage to quite some cheering. It was clear people had come to see them and they did put on a good show. They had fun, so did the audience. I didn’t recognize any of the songs, but enjoyed listening to them. Some were really good, others not so much, but overall it was a good performance. They were really into playing, urging the audience to participate and just showing their skills. The drummer reminded me of “the Animal” from the muppet show, while the bassman was cool enough to light a cigarette and Matti played his guitar even with his teeth. A very entertaining concert.

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