Lovely chats, happy gig and late goodbyes

Poets of the Fall – The Academy, Dublin; December 7th, 2019

In many ways the Poets of the Fall show in Dublin was a trip to the past for me and especially talking about it the next day, it brought back a lot of memories – good ones of course. It also brought together a lot of the best things you can have at their concerts: friends, fun, great music, shenanigans and a new audience to win over. The venue was alright, the crowd really got into it in the end and the guys were enjoying the show. I personally had the best spot in the house and no camera to worry about so it was just singing and jumping for me – exactly what I needed. 🙂

The day started in London after too little sleep, meeting A. at St.Pancras station to go to Gatwick together. Everything went smoothly, we caught up on everything since Lisbon, I got some sleep on the plane and once in Dublin we met G. and P. on the bus. Went to our respective hotels, met again for lunch at a lovely cafe, caught up with B. and agreed on meeting again at the venue. I got there first and immediately after I got there Jani arrived, having been out and about with his camera, asking what I was doing there already. Well… for once I was determined to be the first in line. 😉 It felt a lot like the early days, when I was almost always the first person to arrive. These days I don’t bother most of the time, because I usually don’t have pre-show passes anyway.

This time I did though and wanted my choice of a spot at the front. I knew everyone who arrived within the next hour: A. , who had bought tix for B. and me, B. and B. from the US, C. with Pam, A. and A. and so on. They opened the doors a bit early even and everything went smoothly – front row center! 😀 Since I had last been to pre show they had changed the order of things, starting with playing two songs for us. The first one was ‘Standstill’ and it made me so happy. I’d been sad when it was dropped from the setlist and getting it now was perfect. 🙂 Captain, who has nothing to do for that one, pulled out his phone and switched the light on, waving it with the melody. <3 A few of us did the same. It was lovely.

Second was ‘Stay’ – nice combination! After this, Tiia told us to move backwards for the picture and the guys all crouched down in front of us. As they were on the floor, she told us we had to move back a bit more and I joked they should try it from that position. We got the pic done eventually and it was time to get in line for autographs. I very much enjoyed talking with them again at least for a little bit. I gave Marko a belated birthday hug (of course I asked first). He asked if I’d been to London and I truthfully told him that I was at another gig that night. With Jari I talked a little about the concert he had played with Anna Puu while the others were in Spain and Portugal – 11500 people, wow! With Jaska I spoke about them conquering new audiences until Ollie demanded his turn. Sorry, I didn’t fully realize I was keeping the line from moving. He wanted to know the current concert count and Captain made a note. They also inquired about Helsinki (yes, I will be there!) and then spoke about Raskas Joulu briefly. With Jani it was just a quick hello. I’d planned to ask him a camera question since we use the same dslr, but had already done that before the gig. I thanked them all too. That can never be done enough.

While waiting for the doors to open we realized there was not going to be a support act. Fine with me! People were filing in and I went to the front where I was supposed to get a photo pass. Only I didn’t, because I wasn’t on the list. I considered showing them the email I had confirming all the gigs, but decided not to. Tiia was busy and Vesa nowhere to be seen, so nobody I could ask. Since I had already noticed the lights weren’t great and wondered if I should even bother, I took this as a sign to give my camera a rest for the night and it proved to be the right decision!

It wasn’t a sold put, but nicely filled. However, I wondered how many of those people were actually Irish, because there were not many at the meet & greet and I saw so many people I knew and none of them are. We will probably never know. Earlier that day we had wondered if they ever get tired of seeing the same faces all the time, no matter where they go. I sure hope not.

At about 8:15 the show started and I had some fun moving with the music. I looked for Ollie to jump during the “flying deadly high” line, because I wasn’t sure he would with the low ceiling. Of course he did and I pointed his way smiling. On the side, by the mixing desk, Glen was leaning back in an air guitar solo and Captain might have been air guitaring with him (or the latter part might have only happened in my imagination 😉 ). With ‘Locking up the Sun’ A. to my right and I were turning back time. Towards the end of the song, as I was holding out my hand, Marko held out his hand exactly opposite of mine and we did the turning in complete unison, looking at each other. I could have probably stretched a little further and locked hands, but it was perfect just the way it was. 🙂

The audience was a bit slow in their reactions. At the beginning I had the feeling that only the regulars were into the show. I know that everyone enjoys a concert differently and just because they don’t jump and scream they are not automatically hating it, but I always feel that it is a lot easier for the band to draw energy from an audience that is with them in a way that can be seen. This time it took a while, but eventually they grew louder and seemed less reserved. It helped that Marko came to the barrier often, leaned out to shake hands and sing to people. A lot if those times he did it where I stood and each time I and A. to my left made room for him, so he could reach the people behind us.

Still high from the previous weekend of gigs, I wanted to bring all that magic to Dublin too and did everything I could to make it happen, singing along at the top of my lungs and jumping all the time. On the far left, A. was jumping too and at times it was only us. Marko noticed, looking from one to the other, checking if we were still at it. 😛 It was great to be among familiar people and from time to time I looked and smiled at my friends by my side, always getting  happy smiles in return, often singing together. With the band it was the same, so much silent communication between them and the audience. <3

There wasn’t much room on the stage, the guys had to make do with the little space they had, but somehow they always manage to move around each other. At some point, Marko sat on the floor on Jani’s side, watching Ollie play a solo and later during the show, I don’t remember when, I wondered where Jaska had disappeared to. i didn’t see it, but my friends told me after the show that he’d gone of stage, watching the others and taking selfies with the audience. 😀 Captain and Jari were lost in the fog again at times, but there was not as much of it as there had been in Lisbon so I could see them rock out too. It was fun watching them.

Finally, I remembered almost all of the lyrics to ‘In a perfect world’ and sang along proudly. Of course Marko was checking on me and caught me on the bit I didn’t know. He always does and it always makes me laugh. He sang to me quite a few times too and during some songs i was sharing lyrics with Ollie, who always checks if I’m singing along as well. I hope I’m getting better. 😉 During ‘War’, when it was time for Jaska’s solo, Jani and MArko sat down on the stage, hugging each other tightly. Awwww! Then, at some point Jaska and Glen were showing hearts to each other – cute!

Most of the other details escape me, but I know I as happy and noticed that the band looked happy too. Marko, wis a mischievous grin, splashed water from his bottle all over the front row. I got most of the shower, but didn’t mind – it was nice and refreshing. 😀 “Is it me or is it hot in here?” – hot, not you! 😛 I have a few other random memories like Marko talking about managing to see Dublin without drowning, as musicians tend to do. If that was a pop culture reference, I didn’t get it, but it was funny nonetheless. Also, during ‘Choice Millionaire’, when Glen, Ollie, Jaska and Marko did the whole hands up and down move, half of the front row went along with them and Jaska gave us a big thumbs up for it. 🙂

Somehow, we got to the encores, sang along, screamed and jumped some more. Even though I will see them again in Helsinki, just before Christmas, it somehow felt like the last show of the year and I did not want it to end. It makes me so happy to be in this zone again, where each concert feels like a blessing and I have nothing but love for the guys. My band, my tour family, my wonderful life on tour. At the end, Captain and Ollie were shaking hands with most of the front row and hi-fived B. For the final picture they all sat down in front of the barrier so we would be seen as well. 🙂

On my way out, someone randomly came up to me and told me she liked my blog. Thank you! I said goodbye to Tiia, briefly talked to a few more people and then gathered with everyone else outside. we went for post gig drinks and food, having fun letting fandeer Pam try all the drinks and sharing stories. Eventually we had to say goodbye to B. and B. who had an early flight to catch. Until next time. After the restaurant closed, the rest of us went to a bar for one more drink all smiling happily. We had a fun encounter with a bunch of guys who wanted to help take a picture of our group and then decided to all be *in* the picture as well. We laughed a lot at that one. Finally more goodbyes and goodnights – it was time to go. The next day, some of us had brunch together, a lovely ending to a fun day and night. See you again next year!


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