Lots of sweat and no tears

Poets of the Fall – Virgin Oil, Helsinki; September 26th 2008

Wow, what a huge difference it is between being forced to sit and standing front row, ready to rock!

As usual I was too early, but as usual I was not alone and time went by chatting and waiting (compared to the waiting time at other gigs, being there two hours before the doors open is really not much). They let us in at 22:00 and I got my favorite spot on the right between Marko and Jaska. More waiting then, because it was another midnight gig.

The gig was sold out and the place packed. There were good vibes from the beginning and people started stamping their feet and clapping from 23:30 on. Everyone went completely wild when the music to ‘The ultimate Fling’ started and the guys walked on stage one by one. This audience did not need anyone to tell them to clap or sing along.

By the time the first song was over I was drenched with sweat. It was hot in there – in more than one sense of the word. It was wonderful to be able to rock and move around instead of being bound to a seat.
During ‘Diamonds for Tears’ Marko was squatting in front of us, sang first to S. and then to me. *smiles*
Next was ‘Save me’ which had much more power than two nights before. Marko was really into it and the entire audience was singing along for the chorus. What a fantastic version of a great song! ‘Sorry go round’ brought more singing along and ‘Stay’ gave me the first chance to catch my breath.

Marko was talking a lot that night (and I didn’t understand one word). Less than that he was goofing around a lot and I had some fun watching Captain laughing all the time. Olli was in a great mood as well, making faces all the time. I laughed so hard sometimes I forgot to take pictures.

At some point Jaska gave me a plec and a huge smile too. I was taken totally surprised as I wasn’t even sure he had seen me. 🙂

The gig had a whole lot of power and I was totally exhausted by the time it was over. They took a small break between ‘Locking up the sun’ and ‘More’, walking off stage and we actually had to clap them back out – which worked well. The singalong for ‘More’ and ‘Late Goodbye’ was great too.

The setlist was the same as in Espoo, but the gig was much better. More energy and more fun.

After the gig I saw them all except for Jari (no clue where he disappeared too). I didn’t feel like bothering the guys though and only watched them. Talked to Jaska for bit and stole another hug before I left at around 2:30. Was back at my Hotel by 3:00 a.m., too wound up to sleep and stayed up till 5 in the morning. What a great night!


The ultimate Fling
Diamonds for Tears
Save me
Sorry go round
Passion colors everything
Miss impossible
Illusion & Dream
Locking up the Sun
Carnival of Rust
Late goodbye

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