I doubt that tomorrow will be a better day

Phoenix Effect – Louhela Jam, Vantaa; Mai 31st 2009

It was a hot sunny day in late May. People were lounging on the grass, chatting, picnicking and just enjoying the bautiful weather.  I spent my time reading and sunbathing while listening to the bands that were already playing. Some of my friends arrived around 4 p.m. and we spent our time relaxing in the shade. the guys from Phoenix Effect were out and about, but it didn’t feel right to approach them so I just left them be.

They were supposed to stare at 6 p.m. so we moved closer to the stage around that time. There were surprisingly few people who did the same. I was happy and excited to see them as a real band for the first time. whne they supporeted Poets of the Fall at the Tavastia the previous November, Janne, the singer was still working with session musicians and only Pyry on guitar was already part of the band then. In the time since, Lauri on bass and Anton on drums had joined the band.

Soon they started playing and they rocked. I don’t remember if they played their entire album, but most of it anyway and eveyrthing sounded amazing. They clearly had fun on stage and looked like they were loving it. The small audience loved it too. It was a very relaxed atmosphere, the sun was still shining brightly and nothing could spoil the beautiful day.

Of courese it ended to quickly, but I’m really glad to have made the track to the park. On the way home in S.’s car, we talked about how much fun we’d had and K. decided that for sure, tomorrow could not bring anything better than this.

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