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Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band – Barcelona; July 20th 2008

The next morning I had some breakfast and went to the stadium by noon with the others to check if we would get wristbands for the pit. The previous day they had been distributed at 2:30 p.m., but it took 2.5 hours until they were done. We had numbers of 1100 and higher so we decided we might as well grab some lunch. We found a nice place, sat down and ordered. While we were eating we received word from friends who were still in line that distribution of wristbands ad started. They were number 700+ so we figured no need to worry until they had theirs. Well, aparently they were quick: Half an hour later one of us received a text message from his buddy (number 1800) that he had already gotten a wristband. I have never seen 8 people finish eating and paying as fast as we did. Back to the stadium in a run we went and finally had our wristbands. *deep breath*

Then back to the hotel to get some sleep, due to meet again at 6:30 p.m. in the lobby of the hotel (where most of us stayed)

Play to make me forget what I don’t want to remember, play for joy, sing as if your life depends on it and don’t look back, only forward

The second night show was for us, the tramps, the diehards, the pit dwellers – all those that tour with Bruce and see multiple shows.

He brought back some songs from earlier on the tour and dug up some rarely played gems as well. He did not take all that many requests, but played the more unusual songs, the ones that we were dieing to hear. There were few slow songs that night and much dancing. It almost seemed as if he did not want to give us time to get all sentimental and sad.

Many great songs, few chances to calm down, think, cry. The good thing about being in the back of the pit is much room to move, to jump to dance. I don’t think I have ever danced that much at any show.

Great, ripping, rocking version of ‘Prove it all night’, a wonderful ‘Youngstown’ with another stunning solo by Nils, some great spotlight moments for Clarence too. ‘Tougher than the Rest’ was sweet and ‘This hard Land’ brought back some great memories of earlier shows. ‘Thunder Road’ finally got me. I choked, but my eyes were too dry to actually cry. Yet I was so happy to hear that song again, sing “our” lines again, the ones Bruce has given to us fans to sing so long ago and never managed to take back.

The best request of the night was ‘I’m going down’. Not a great song per se, but a blinking red marquee sign is priceless and the song had not been played this tour before. Great version too, fun! The mixture of songs was just right for the audience and for the stadium. When I looked around everyone was up on their feet and dancing.

The single best moment of the night was my friend R. (screenname: rosalita77) being lifted up by her friends and dancing on their shoulders during ‘Rosalita’ with everyone around her watching. Great, great moment in the spotlight.

Runner up was Evan Springsteen, playing guitar with his dad and Bruce beaming with pride. At first, Evan was not sure whether to be embarrassed or enjoy but in the end the enjoyment won over. He did a good job too.

The very end was still a bit sentimental and by the way they said goodbye, hugging and kissing each other and leaving Clarence on stage till last made us all believe that this may indeed have been the last tour with the E Street Band. I sure hope it ain’t so.

After the show we hung out forever, not wanting to go. We took one last picture of our tour family before we took a night bus home

Monday morning we had to check out at 11 and went for a last breakfast before my friends left for the airport.
I went to the beach and started crying as soon as I felt the water lapping at my feet. All the emotions that would not come the previous night, suddenly overwhelmed me. Over and out, my tour family had left and I was about to do the same. I was alone with my tears and my fears. Staring at the ocean, wondering what the future may bring.

Made it back home at 1:00 a.m. Tuesday morning, tired but extremely happy. My batteries recharged, my heart and soul filled with new memories to cherish.


Tenth Ave Freeze-out
Radio Nowhere
Lonesome Day
Prove It All Night
Darkness on the Edge of Town
Spirit in the Night
Light of Day
Working on the Highway
Tougher Than the Rest
This Hard Land
Murder Inc.
The Promised Land
Living in the Future
I’m Going Down
Mary’s Place
The Rising
Last To Die
Long Walk Home

Thunder Road
Detroit Medley
Born to Run
Rosalita (Come out Tonight)
Bobby Jean
American Land

Twist and Shout

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