Tell me where I should begin

Jim Kroft – Blue Shell, Cologne; Mai 21st, 2013

It had been almost exactly a year since I’d last seen Jim live, a least on his own – same city, different venue. I had not listened to his new album all that much, but liked the songs and was looking forward to the show. When I arrived there were only 4 people waiting – perfect. Jim was soundchecking for ages. It was nice though, we got glimpses of the show. Afterwards he came out and said hello to everyone in line before he went for dinner.

More waiting, but no stress. A. and M. arrived, we got in and easily found a place in front row – surprising, considering it only holds 7 people. Contrary to what was stated on the ticket the support act The Plea started at 8:30 p.m. They were really good – nice, melodic, listenable music. I enjoyed their set and had a nice moment with the singer when he looked me in the eyes and smiled at me. I was contemplating buying their CD. I might after the next gig.


Praise be
Feel it ticking
Oh ah yay
Out like a light
Glass Waltz

Since the venue and the stage are so small we had to make room for the band and the roadies to access and leave stage. They changed setup quickly and soon Jim’s band was on stage. He came sneaking in from the side, standing in front row for a little while, looking at the stage and commenting before he finally stepped up. It made me smile – a good start.

He started with ‘The Hooligan Army’ and immediately everyone was clapping. Cologne always has a great audience, no matter who is playing there. They sang along even to the new ones and the older songs were much celebrated as well. I had a big smile on my face from early on and it did not leave me for the rest of the show. Jim has so much energy and he is so genuinely enthusiastic about being on stage, sharing his music that he is very hard to resist.

His band, Dan, George, Ben and Lucas played well and seemed to enjoy the night too. The stage was small, almost too small to move, but they still made room for Jim, who danced at times and came close to front row, pointing at us, inviting us to sing along. It worked, everyone got involved and did their part. Jim looked so happy to be there.

‘The Jailer’ was a first highlight for me and is always a favorite of mine, but the new songs really took the crown, especially the ‘Tell me’ sing-along was great. 🙂 Jim’s songs aren’t exactly happy-go-lucky, but people were smiling and it was clear they enjoyed every last bit of the performance. He talked a lot about life as a musician, being grateful to be able to do this and sometime she even explained what the songs were about.

At one point he ordered a Kölsch (beer) from the bar and promptly got one only to know it over after one sip of it. 😉 The mixture of songs was just right between old and new songs. I loved the show, the positive energy, the memories connected to the songs. It was a great evening among friends and it ended with hugs from Jim before we left. Nice one, more tomorrow.


The Hooligan Army
Bye bye the Elbe
The Jailer
The great Doomsday Story
There’s something missing
If I’m born too late
Promises made in vain
I hope you know
Guess that’s what the Gods say
Memoires from the afterlife
Tell me (where to begin)
See how the darkness grows
The Loneliness of the Vampire
Dreaming to some purpose
Through my Weakness

Waiting for a Healing
Lullabies in Spring

pictures of this concert

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