“That’s why we like to come here – we meet good people here”

Árstíðir – Lutherhaus, Osnabrück; September 26th, 2013

It was my first concert after Jón’s departure. He had to go home early and the others had to rearrange everything. They had already played as a five-piece band the previous night in Ilmenau, but as much as I wanted to be there, public transport connections would not let me. I spent the evening at home, thinking about the guys, quietly sending my spirit there to watch over them. Apparently it worked. Ragnar told me the made it through all right. Funnily enough we found out we went through the same thing emotionally, despite me being far away.

Now, however, I was in Osnabrück, in time for a quick chat before the concert and seeing that everyone was indeed OK and in a good mood. I felt a great surge of relief. 🙂 Hung out with the guys until shortly before it was Myrra’s turn to go on stage, went downstairs and found a spot on the side by the wall. I recalled standing there the previous years as well, exactly one year and 5 days ago – we’ve come a long way since. 🙂

Myrra played her usual set, with Karl and Hallgrímur supporting her on the last two songs. Once again it amazed me how great the acoustics are at the venue. It was so beautiful. The audience was a bit reserved, but I think they enjoyed it in the end. Again, though, they did not want to sing along. 🙁 It was still great – I felt like being home again.


Sail on
Við og við tvö
Láru lag

During the break I took a quick peak at the setlist – my curiosity got the better of me. I liked what I saw. 🙂 Looking around I saw that every seat in the venue was taken. No idea if it was sold out, but nicely filled. I even saw a few familiar faces. The lights went out and the guys walked on stage, just a little nervous. Quietly, I wished them good luck – it was such an emotional moment and instinctively I put my hand across my tattoo, my permanent connection to them.

They started with ‘Heiðin’ and Ragnar on piano. He spent a lot of time there that night while Gunnar picked up the baritone guitar whenever it was needed. They had rearranged the singing too with Ragnar or Karl taking over Jón’s parts. For ‘Á meðan jörðin sefur’ Karl did the singing – it was lovely. Overall the new arrangements worked perfectly fine. I had expected to feel some sort of a hole where Jón had been, but it wasn’t the case. Is missed him, but still enjoyed the night as I did all the other ones. With all my assuring the guys it was going to be OK, there was a little voice of doubt telling me it might not work. It was silenced that night and my happy smile was real.

This time around, I didn’t pay attention to the audience at all. I have no idea if they felt what I felt, if any of them realized how special this show was. Ragnar announced that Jón had to leave and they had to rearrange, but I wonder how many people understood what it meant. It didn’t matter – everything was just fine. As the evening progressed, they guys lost their nervousness and I shared smiles with most of them at one time or another. They were highly concentrated at all times, not so much getting lost in the music as they usually do, but all the rehearsals in the past few days paid off. “You don’t have to worry…”

At one point, Ragnar scrolled up the setlist on the iPad and Karl joked “What did I tell you about checking Facebook on stage?” It went back and forth a few times, surely making me laugh. For ‘Orð að eigin vali’ Karl took over the piano. I had no idea he could play, but he did well. So did everyone else. The songs sounded different, but still familiar and they all worked out. Jón’s voice was most noticeably missing during the a cappella songs, but they worked well too. Several times I was close to tears, all the emotions of the past week, catching up to me, but the prevailing feeling was happiness mixed with pride: you did it and you did it well!

‘Næturylur’ was back on the setlist again, but even better was getting to hear ‘Látum okkur sjá’. I had been missing the song and having it dedicated to me made it even better. Yep, they did not play this one in a year and it’s a song I really love. Surprisingly, I managed to sing along to it and most of the other Icelandic songs too. I couldn’t recite the lyrics for the life of me, but singing along gets better every night. 🙂

The highlight, however was ‘Shine’ a brand new song they had premiered in Ilmenau. It sent shivers down my spine. That one is a winner! 😀 For ‘Tárin’, Myrra took over the vocal part. It fit well. Once they left stage the audience would not stop clapping and of course they had to come back out. Two more songs they played before wrapping up for the night. Awesome, guys! You made it!


Á meðan jörðin sefur
Við dagsins hnig
You just have to know of me
Land mins föður
Sunday morning
Days and nights
Orð að eigin vali
Ljoð í Sand
Látum okkur sjá
Heyr himna smiður
Nú gleymist ég

Góða veislu gjöra skal

Everyone was drained after the show, some really talkative, others quiet. Once again I was happy they tolerated my presence and let me stay with them until they had to leave. <3 I wanted to hug all of them, but never did. Will have to do that tonight. Shortly before we packed up there was an encore with Ragnar playing the piano.

Around midnight I said goodbye and all tiredness forgotten I walked to the train station to go home.

Árstíðir  Germany tour fall 2013 – 9 concerts down, 2 to go. Next stop: Husum

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