Tousled hair, flowers and a toast

Poets of the Fall – Down by the Laituri, Turku; July 25th, 2014

After what felt like my longest tour break in my personal POTF concert history (it wasn’t, but it was the longest since 2009), it was finally time to see the guys again. New Year’s Eve counted for last year so it was the first of their concerts for me in 2014 and what an amazing concert it was. It had absolutely everything a good gig needs: band in a great mood, friends by my side, wonderful songs, good sound and lots of the stage antics we all love so much. There was absolutely no way in which this concert could have been any more fun!

We had a relaxing start, arriving from Helsinki at 1 pm, being greeted at the train station by A., H. and I.-M. – they went directly to the festival while we took a detour via our hotel and arrived just as Pariisin Kevät were announced. There weren’t so many people around yet and it was still easy to get to the front. The band made nice music, but the sound mix was not so good. For some time I could not hear any guitar at all and had trouble understanding the singer. I still liked them though and hoped the sound would improve for Poets of the Fall.

A break followed and we all watched as they set the stage for POTF. Some people left, others arrived, and when I saw some of the guys on stage I finally felt the usual rush of excitement that accompanies their concerts for me. Until that moment being on the road again had almost felt surreal and all I could think of was that I had not even listened to their music in months. It was a beautiful day though and I know I’d love the concert as soon as it started. It had been way too long since the last one.

The guys were a s few minutes late, but when the intro started, my hands moved up in the air, clapping, a smile spread across my face and a scream of joy escaped from my mouth. YEAAAAH! The new intro was awesome and even better was the fact that they started with ‘Lift’. H. next to me and I were jumping from the start and I was drenched in sweat before the first song was through. The guys were all smiles as they walked out and Marko jumped right along with us, motioning for us to get our hands in the air and clap. People immediately went along – it was the perfect lift off for the show. 🙂

They kept rocking us with ‘Kamikaze Love’, a good reason for more jumping and clapping. Just watching the guys play made me so happy. It was a camera free concert for me so I got to take everything in with my eyes and mind only. From time to time I turned to watch the other people around and my friend beside me. The smiled on their faces were priceless. 🙂 The band looked like they enjoyed the gig and so did the audience. Everyone looked happy and was rocking along.

So many little things happened during the show that I’m sure I didn’t notice half of them. Marko was all over the place, walking along on the boxes in front of the stage and often stepping over to the barrier, getting closer to the fans. Once he got up close to the camera that filmed the show for a big screen on the festival grounds and stuck out his tongue at it. It must have looked funny on screen. Olli stayed mostly on the left side of the stage this time around and only once came over to visit Jaska. They had a sort of staring contest for a bit and both cracked up laughing soon.

Somewhere early on, Marko got the lanyard holding his backstage pass tangled up in the cables of his in ear monitor and motioned to Einari that he was strangling himself and needed help. So Einari came running and helped him take the lanyard off. Later on he had to help Olli whose monitor had fallen out, because Olli had to keep playing. Some other time, Olli’s in ear monitor came loose when he wiped his face with a towel and Marko walked over to fix it.

For ‘Temple of Though’ everyone was waving their arms in rhythm and I think it was then when Marko remarked it looked beautiful. At one of the show point he took a flower out of the vases side stage, took it apart and handed the blossoms out to a few fans, I.-M- was one of them, smiling happily when she received it. In the end three blossoms were left on the long stem so Marko waked over to Jani and spanked him with it, petals flying all over. Jani took revenge by pretending to kick him in the butt. 😀 Later on he took a red flower and stuck it behind Olli’s ear. Olli raised his hand to feel what was there so the flower fell off and he stuck it on to his guitar. Afterwards I noticed that Jani had stuck a flower on to his bass to.

‘illusion & Dream’ was great and not only because Captain toasted to my friend A., while Marko clinked bottles with me – he even said “Kippis!” (Cheers!) and I said it right back to him. 🙂 For the first “dishonesty” Marko was running around at the back of the stage so he could not hold out his mic to us. Thus, Captain took over and conducted the audience from behind the keyboards and the sing-along worked just fine. 🙂 Later, during ‘Stay’ the guys just stood there with their hands behind their ears when it was time for us to sing about the little things that make the world. It took a moment for everyone to catch on, but it worked too.

Two Italian fans had painted their faces with a Finnish flag and held up a poster that said Italy wanted Poets of the Fall. Marko took it with a smile and told them “Grazie mille” (thanks a lot). On my side there was a fan who patiently tried to give Marko a pendant as a gift. It took quite some time before he managed, but it the end Marko took it and put it around his neck.

Jani spent a lot of time on on our side of the stage, often standing on the boxes right in front of me to play. I enjoyed watching him and he gave me a big smile when he saw me jumping along with the music. Both Olli and Jaska had Marko leaning on heir shoulders some time during the show. Surely and “awwww!” moment. 🙂 Of course there was some guitar dueling, mock fighting and playing with the whammy bar as well – it would not be a Poets of the Fall show without that. 😉

For ‘Locking up the Sun’ Marko did a sun dance and since it was a hot day, he took a water bottle shower several times, generously sharing the water with us by showering the first few rows as well. After every water shower over his head, Marko stepped over to the barriers, leaned out into the audience and motioned for us to tousle his hair. That was my fangirl moment of the show. I’d been tempted to tousle his hair more than once, but would never do so without permission. So now, since he asked us to, of course I did. 😉

Somewhere towards the end of the show, Jaska was walking around, taking pictures of the other guys with his phone and then taking one of the audience too and at some point Olli was standing behind the keyboards, playing next to Captain for a while. Overall it was a great show and I enjoyed every moment of it. As usual, it was over in the blink of an eye, but it was one of the best blinks ever. When you forget about everything but the music and end up feeling it could not possibly be over already then it just shows how amazing the concert was. There is not much more I could wish for.


Kamikaze Love
Temple of Though
Cradled in Love
Locking up the Sun
Illusion & Dream
Diamonds for Tears
Carnival of Rust
Dreaming wide awake
Late Goodbye

After the show, B., C. and I briefly met Jaska and got hugs. He told us they’d enjoyed the show and how they were all excited about the upcoming album. We assured him we were as well and said goodbye until October. Is it too early to start the countdown for those concerts?

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