Hyvä, parempi, Poets of the Fall

Poets of the Fall – Tavastia, Helsinki; April 3rd 2010

3rd day of the mini-tour, back in Helsinki, back at the Tavastia. The dream gig, the one we had all been waiting for and for which everyone had such high expectations. Me, I didn’t think it could get better than it already had been…

I was seriously suffering from lack of sleep by then, but excitement kept me going. Rested a bit upon arrival in Helsinki then went out again to meet my friends and have dinner at the Ilves (next door to the Tavastia). We were still outside when Ollie and Captain arrived. They greeted us briefly before going in, not the least bit surprised to see us again. We had good food and a great time overall. As a bonus, we met Phoenix Effect and got to chat with them a little.

Shortly before 19:00 we lined up outside. They shuffled us around a bit when they were setting up the barriers. It didn’t take long before we got inside. I stood at the wrong doors first, because last time I was there they had opened those, but luckily I got to the right ones just before they opened. Front row center, slightly to the left of Marko’s mic and next to my friend B.

I had expected yet another midnight gig and was quite surprised when they started at 20:30 already. The new Phoenix Effect songs sounded yet again better than the last time around. It was amazing and B. was over the moon just being there.

The wait for the Poets was not long after that and with the first notes of the ‘Dreaming wide awake’ intro I fell right into the music, got lost and didn’t come up for air until it was over.

Even though I already knew which songs where going to be played and in which order, knew when it would be time for the encores and inevitably the end of he show, it was still all fresh and surprising to me. While the overall setting stayed the same, little things changed. A gesture, a smile, a melody played a little differently, a random comment. Every Poets of the Fall concert is a journey and I never know where I’ll be in the end. All I know that I will always be exhausted, but very happy.

The concert was so beautiful and great. They were playing and singing their hearts out, smiling, joking. Marko had written “ingen tattoo” (Swedish for “not a tattoo”) on his arm with a marker – funny.  Jani played the double bass during ‘You’re still here’. That really made my night, I had been hoping to see that one appear at least once. 🙂 The atmosphere was wonderful too and the audience was making lots of noise. During one song Marko held my hand for the longest time, looking into my eyes. Everything slipped my mind and even though I sang along, I cannot remember which song it was.

Like the previous day they left out two songs. Considering Marko has not gotten better and ended the gig saying that he’d completely lose his voice if he didn’t stop singing now, it is was a surprise they played at all. Once again, I don’t think anyone could have guessed he was ill.

After the show Ollie and Marko came back to stage to sign things for everyone. I asked Ollie if it was true they’d play in Germany in May and he said yes. Chatted with Jaska and got a hug from Phoenix Effect’s Anton. Then said goodbye to everyone and went out for a quiet chat and hot drinks with my friend M.

Dreaming Wide Awake
Smoke And Mirrors
Diamonds for Tears
Given And Denied
Dying To Live
You’re Still Here
Illusion & Dream
15 Min Flame
Locking Up the Sun

Carnival of Rust

pictures of this concert

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