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Poets of the Fall – Järvenpää; June 11th 2010

Already I’ve been to Finland so often this year that upon arrival at Düsseldorf airport in the morning I could not recall how many times it has been – no wonder people keep asking me if I’m gonna move there. I never looked up the gate, just went to the usual exit and of course it was right. Funny.

Beautiful weather greeted me in Helsinki – 20 degrees sun, summer 🙂 Stayed downtown for a while, then went to my friend I.’s apartment as usual – feels like coming home by now. I am so glad I always have a place to stay with her. It was a quiet evening before the concert the next day.

Could have slept late, but was actually up shortly after 8. Unfortunately the skies were grey, but forecast for Järvenpää was better than for Helsinki so there was still hope. I left around noon, got some food on the way and arrived in Järvenpää in the rain. I was there two hours before the doors opened and spent those two hours entirely alone walking back and forth in the rain – talk about feeling stupid. Met up with K., got in, set down in the drinks tent. Nobody went to the front until 5 minutes before Egotripi started. They were well worth listening to – fun. I even understood a little bit of what they said and of the lyrics.

When they were done it was time to bring out my banner. It was still raining hard and we were alone in front row for quite some them. The Poets set up their gear, almost each one of them waved at me when they came out to check on their instruments. Yep, I must be famous 😉

Show stared on time at 19:30 – the usual setlist minus ‘Heal my Wounds’. I have the feeling that one is gone for good 🙁 ‘The ultimate fling’ was back in the set though. 🙂 The rain didn’t really stop during the gig and the security guards kept people from taking pictures so I left my camera in my pocket.

This was my 20th Poets of the Fall gig and the first one where I didn’t take one single picture. And didn’t feel the need to either. They were in a great mood, all of them. Olli did funny little dances and made faces. Marko … was being Marko 😀 He talked tons (of which I understood maybe 20%) and was joking all the time. There were so many funny little things this time of which I already forgot most, but I know I was laughing almost for the entire gig. One thing I remember is that Marko was whipping Jaska with the mic chord…. Jani was wearing a very cool “Old Gods of Asgard“ T-Shirt. I want one! I think it even had tourdates on the back…

During  ‘War’ we sang together. „With no one showing their real face, it’s a whiteout of emotion and I’ve only got my brittle bones to break this fall“ 🙂 Yeah, I know I must be boring you, but these little moments mean a lot to me. During ‘Change’ I started the arms waving again (as we had done in St. Petersburg) and K. and N. next to me joined in. Then Olli and Captain did it on stage too. We were all in rhythm and a few people even did it together with Olli and Captain. Then Marko screwed it all up because he tried to get everyone to do it, but broke the rhythm, by starting to wave to the other side (instead of mirroring us). Then K. tried to follow him and we fell out of it. Funny moment. I’m not giving up, eventually we’ll start a trend there. =P

I jumped about a lot and finally was no longer cold in my wet clothes. It was wonderful. I don’t think there is such a thing as a bad POTF gig. Despite the bad conditions it left a huge smile on my face.

Saw Olli after the gig. N. called out to him and he came to hug us – sweet. Once again he thanked me for coming. Hey, really I should thank you for all the wonderful memories. :D.

Soon after we left and went back to Helsinki. Nice end to the evening with pizza, a good bottle of wine and a blast from the past with the movie ‘Fame’. On to Kokkola the next day.


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