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Poets of the Fall – Barkino, Pori; July 15th 2010

K. and I spent the night in Orimattala at R.’s place. I was wide awake after the Savonlinna gig, but that didn’t last long and poor K. had to do all the driving through the night while I was fast asleep in the passenger seat. I don’t remember when we got there, around 3 in the morning I think. Some sleep, breakfast and on to Pori for the next show. I was especially looking forward to this gig, because I would drag my friend J. along. She had originally introduced me to Poets of the Fall, yet never seen them live. Also she had invited me to stay for the night.

We had a fun drive to Pori, even though we lost our way twice. Somewhere along the way we stopped and K. checked Facebook. Jaska had posted they were having trouble with the bus and didn’t know if they were even gonna make it to Tampere. We plotted a rescue mission, but in the end that was not necessary.

Arriving in Pori I asked K. to drop me off at the bus station, because J. lives nearby. Well, we arrived, got out of the car and I saw K. waving at someone. I was thinking “Who the heck is she waving at now?”, looked and realized Marko and Jaska were walking by – very casual in shorts and Flip Flops too. Apparently they were staying at a hotel right by the bus station. What are the odds?

I met up with J., catching up, chatting, getting some food. When we returned to her appartment we saw Captain walking by. Luckily he did not see me, I would have been a bit embarrassed being seen outside their hotel (for the second time that day).

We met up with K. at the Bar Kino around 19:30. It was raining heavily, but there was a roof so we stayed dry. M. & K. arrived soon, then S. & M. Waiting. We finally got in, took our spots in front row – more waiting. To get backstage the guys all had to walk by behind us. Ollie grinned at me as he did.

Showtime was 23:30 or something. And wow, what an audience. Loud, but not annoying. They guys clearly enjoyed it. Marko talked so much and I understood nothing, but it must have been funny. They were in such a great mood. The one thing I got was that Marko thought it was “vitun kuuma” (fucking hot) – no, really? Lots of hands action during ‘Change’ this time. We are getting better at this. 😀

Less than that there were so many adorable and funny small moments like Marko sitting down on Ollie’s chair and Ollie just sitting on his lap instead or Ollie needing a pick from Jaska and Jaska placing it on his arm and handing it over that way. <3 I certainly enjoyed the night and so did J.

We left right after the gig because J. had to get up at 5 the next morning to go to work. She was nice enough to let me sleep late. I met K. again around noon and we left for Tampere, the last station on that week’s mini tour.


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