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Ezio – Harmonie, Bonn; December 20th, 2015

It was about time for another Ezio concert and even though I was reluctant to travel all the way to Bonn at first I have to say it was a good decision. It was so much relaxed fun that it made me forget all about being tired the next morning. No matter what mood I’m in, Ezio always manage to make me smile and it never takes more than a few songs to have me swaying with the music and singing along. They delivered the usual mix of newer and older songs, no setlist and lots of banter – totally worth the trip!

Last time I had seen Ezio was the previous year, without Booga, who was at the hospital then. This time around he was back and it was a duo concert. No band, no frills, just music. Ezio and Booga how I had first seen them, playing amazing guitar oriented music, drawing the audience in and simply having fun. They were in a good mood, randomly picking songs as usual and asking us what we wanted to hear. I loved everything about the show and surprisingly remembered a lot of the lyrics too. No matter how long it has been since I’ve listened to them last, they always bring me right back.

There were a few familiar faces in the audience, the same loyal fans that have been coming to the shows for years. Some were new too, or at least not familiar with their concert. I remember someone complaining about the late start. Late? Excuse me, but it was like ten minutes after the announced start time – have you ever been to a concert, any concert before? Anyway, Ezio made a joke about it and continued joking all night. Him and Booga were both in a good mood, but that doesn’t mean there were no comments on the audience behavior. My favorite? “You know, this is not TV – I can see you too!” 😀

They played beautifully of course. It always amazed me how they seem to be able to play any song in their catalogue at a moment’s notice and it always sounds perfect. What a great memory they must have. It makes the concerts somewhat random, but that is part of the fun because you never know what you are going to get. I loved hearing ‘Deeper’ and ‘Saxon Street’ that night and of course ’30 and confused’. It was a great selection overall and no matter which song they pick it is always fascinating to watch them play. As someone who can’t play guitar, I greatly admire people who can and love watching their fingers walk across the strings. 🙂

I smiled during most of the night, laughed out loud too, sang along, danced, felt happy. It’s not like all the songs are funny, in fact many are not, but the delivery is wrapped so nicely into stories and tongue-in-cheek comments that you can’t help being amused. Ezio don’t take themselves seriously and that’s exactly how it should be. They love what they do and it shows. If the audience is willing to follow, they will take them away from all their troubles for one night, make them live inside their songs and feel what it is like to send someone away (‘Go’) or play ‘Ten thousand bars’.

This band may never become famous and will probably remain, as one of their tour shirts claims a “No hit wonder”, but they are authentic, they are  down-to-earth and they know their stuff. Playing music is what they do and they do it well. No matter where you see them, entertainment is guaranteed and they do not need a big stage or a big show for that, their songs just go straight for your heart. And that is all I need. 🙂 I’ve known them for about 15 years now and still they bring the same energy and hard work to the stage they always have. Their loyal followers thank them and keep coming back. I hope they will continue for many years.

I have no idea what the setlist was, but these songs were played (amongst others):

Drunk on my bicycle
Hotel, Motel
Wild Side
Braver than you are
Bruce Springsteen
To talk to you again
The furher we stretch
30 and confused
Saxon street
Angel Song
One last walk round the dance floor

pictures of this concert

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