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Anneke van Giersbergen & Árstíðir – Theaters Tilburg; March 11th, 2016

A small break for Anneke and the guys, a few days at work for me and I was on my way to the Netherlands again to see my third show of the ‘Verloren Verleden’ Tour. This time it took me to Tilburg. Little did I know what a special treat I was in for. Not only did they play at a beautiful venue with amazing sound, but I had the balcony all to myself to take pictures from there. The concert was the most relaxed one I have seen so far – the smile on my face never disappeared. 🙂

The entire day had been good with beautiful weather and easy travel. In the afternoon I found out that I not only had a photo pass but would be allowed on the closed balcony where nobody would feel bothered by the sound of my camera. At was my first photo assignment of the tour and really made me want to take pictures. Everything went smoothly and the nice venue staff showed me where to go. I had googled pictures, but what I saw when I walked through that door went above and beyond my expectations. The balcony circled around the stage side to side and it even had several levels! A walk back and forth to check out the different perspectives while my smile grew wider with each step. WOW!

Below me, people were taking their seats. I stood side stage and for an intimate moment I got to watch how the band gathered there, exchanging looks, final words and pats on the shoulders before going on stage. I felt a little like and intruder so I backed away a little bit. Even though I enjoy being allowed to watch them backstage at times, I love and respect them too much to do it when they can’t know I am there. Soon they walked out and the game was on. It is often hard for me to concentrate on taking pictures and fully enjoy the show at the same time, but this was one of those rare nights where it worked. It seemed like my body was doing the work automatically while my mind was carried by the beautiful music. <3

The sound was incredible with the music raising to the high roof of the theater and coming at me from all sides. Still it felt like a very intimate concert with the audience being captivated by the performance. They were quiet while the songs were played, but responsive to every story and every joke told. Good energy flowed between them and the stage creating a relaxed mood for the band. They played off each other, joking, smiling and of course performing beautifully. As far as I could hear, everyone was spot-on. 🙂

The songs are still growing on me and I have the feeling the band and the music is getting better every time I hear them. This time around I was crying at some of the songs as they hit home and the next moment laughing so hard my belly hurt because someone told a joke or a funny story. They kept the Icelandic lesson, but change it a little bit every night. This time the response was enthusiastic and people really tried to get the words right. Later, during the “music from our youth” story, Anneke, after claiming the guys could play anything, took requests from the audience and each one was fulfilled, even the call for “Charles Aznavour” where Guillaume saved the day. 🙂

So many times I found myself lost in the music listening with my heart and soul, completely caught in the moment. Smiling, I walked back and forth on the balcony, even to the upper levels, trying to capture the essence of the performance. Still, a day later, words fail me, because “Beautiful” or “amazing” or even “gorgeous” do not quite capture what it feels like to be there and witness as the story unfolds. Happiness was flowing through me all night and I felt intensely grateful for being there. Needless to say I didn’t want it to end and I was not alone with this sentiment. What a great night it was!

Many people bought CDs and came for autographs and chats after the concert. I went and hugged the guys, chatting with each one of them, sharing my thoughts and feeling. Thank you for everything, I cannot wait to see you and this show again!


Solveig’s Song
Russian Lullaby
Het Dorp
A Simple Song
Þér ég unni
Four years
When I am laid in earth
Londonderry Air (Danny Boy)
Lost in you
Bist Du bei mir

Heyr, Himna Smiður

pictures of this concert

Verloren, Verleden tour: 3 concerts down, 9 to go. Next stop: Uden

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