Balcony view, long conversations and good food.

Anneke van Giersbergen & Árstíðir – Theater de Veste, Delft; March 23rd, 2016

The concert in Delft might have been the best one yet. It certainly was one of the best musically and I enjoyed it so much I could not stop smiling all night. Everyone was in a great mood, the sound was amazing and my view was just grant, especially because I had the balcony almost to myself. 😀 All the songs were beautiful, all the playing and singing was spot-on and the night didn’t stop being awesome when the show was over either. 😀

The day started with yet another bus and train trip. From Waalwijk to Tilburg and onwards to Delft. Everything was on time, I checked in and went out to see a little bit of the pretty city, only retuning to the B & B when a slight drizzle set in. Spent the rest of the afternoon watching a DVD and drinking tea until P. arrived. We talked, had more tea and dinner, got ready and walked to the venue. Upon arrival Robbin came up to me and told me there was a balcony that I could use to take pictures and only she would be up there with me. 🙂 When they opened the doors I went upstairs, but had to wait a bit, because the door was still locked. Once in I took in the view. It was much closer to the stage than I had expected and perfect for taking pictures. 🙂

Usually when I take pictures, I am in working mode and find it so much harder to concentrate on the music, but this night I manage to do it all, listening to the beautiful music and looking for good pictures. I managed to get caught up in the flow at times, even stopped breathing at times because it was so beautiful. Had tears in my eyes a few times and yet kept smiling throughout. It was perfect. <3

Every song was telling a story tonight and they all came together to form some bigger whole. My emotions were all over the place right from the start, but it was all good. I felt so much happiness throughout and even the songs that hat home and made me cry for different reasons were all part of something beautiful. I need music to make me feel and i got just that in Delft. Goose bumps came and went, my heart beat faster with joy, I felt nostalgia, I felt pain, but mostly i felt like I belonged. I knew I was lucky to be part of such an experience and I felt proud for everyone on stage, bringing people together and sharing their love for music. Every note was in the right place, every smile was genuine and for the duration of the show, time seemed to stand still with all worries suspended. :’)

Each song was amazing but the highlight for me was ‘Leaves’ – I don’t know why, but it never spoke to me quite like that. Many other songs did too, but that one stood out. 😀 Up on the balcony I had much fun exchanging looks and comments with Robbin when ever they were telling stories or joking on stage. Occasionally I even put my arm over my mouth because I was laughing so much. Just a great night overall, so far my favorite on this tour.

After the concert I met up with P. again and ran into L. from Sankt Petersburg and O. from Prague. We hung out for a long time, chatting, sharing cheese and chocolate with the guys, laughing more and making plans for future concerts. Wanted to stay forever, but eventually it had to end. A few more hugs and we said goodbye. See you soon.


Solveig’s Song
Russian Lullaby
Het Dorp
A Simple Song
Þér ég unni
When I am laid in earth
Four years
Londonderry Air (Danny Boy)
Lost in you
Bist Du bei mir

Heyr, Himna Smiður

pictures of this concert

Verloren, Verleden tour: 9 concerts down, 3 to go. Next stop: Haarlem

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