Wise men say, only fools rush in…

Árstíðir & Kyle Woolard – Krahnhalle, Munich; April 17th, 2016

The night was short, the day started way too early and it was a long train ride from Annaberg to Munich. I left P. behind and was on my own for the first time on this tour. It was good and bad at the same time to be alone with my thoughts for a while. By the time I finally got to Munich I was nothing but tired, but there was no time to rest because it was a long walk to the venue. Shitty weather as well. When I arrived there were lots of teenagers in dark clothes with painted faces and colorful hair – this surely could not be the right crowd, was it the right place? Upon checking online I found that some Japanese band played at the other hall in the same venue. Mystery solved! When the doors finally opened I was the first one in and alone for a while. Joked around with Masha and the security guards, wondered why Gunnar was carrying Guillaume cello, waited, counted people – under 30 when Kyle started playing.

The small crowd was a good one though. Kyle won them over immediately and it only got better from there. He had change two songs in his set since Annaberg so I got a bit of variety too. It was so much fun to watch him play and see the audience respond. Those who had been sitting or standing further back in the beginning moved in closer, listened. After the first song, he had everyone’s attention, people were cheering him on. It made me so happy.

With so much positive feedback, Kyle got more relaxed and gave all he had. For ‘Fools rush in’ he even stepped off the stage into the audience. It was great. People surrounded him with happy smiles on their faces, singing along. When he called Árstíðir on stage for ‘Occupy Anchorage’ they were greeted with great cheers. More people arrived, some wondering what was going on only to be swept away by the music like everyone else. I did not want this to end, but eventually it did and Kyle had to leave the stage. It was a great start. It still was not a huge crowd, but a good one. I was looking forward to the main part of the show.


Fools rush in
Occupy Anchorage

During the break I felt just how tired I was. Still, I liked the venue and the energy that came from the audience. When the guys walked on stage, they seemed tired too. Especially Guillaume looked a bit green in the face. However tired they may have been, they made this concert a good one. The audience was more responsive than the previous night from the start, making it a good concert.

As it is with several gigs in a row, details escape me, but I know I enjoyed the music and the fact that we did not have to sit this time. Despite seats being rather comfortable, I have always loved standing up for concerts and while most of Árstíðir’s music is suited for being seated, I like having the option to move around. 🙂 Since it was not crowded, I took the opportunity and did just that, taking pictures from different angles. Sadly, the lights (which had been great during Kyle’s set) were now reduced to mostly red. I have no idea why, but it sure did not result in good pictures.

The music was wonderful though; it carried me right from the start. I loved hearing them play and I loved the stories they told, even the ones I have heard many times before. Somehow I can’t get enough of any of this and it is always fun listening for the little changes. 🙂 There was a time when I though a certain amount of concerts in one year or on one tour was too much and that I had to find out for each artist what that number was, but later I learned this is not the case. There are ups and downs, great concerts and the ones that are just “regular”, but each and every one has something special, something to remember. One song that sticks out, a good story, some interaction between band members that happened nowhere else, good vibes from the audience, a great venue, a smile just for me.

At this concert it was the overall atmosphere that I loved. The audience was interested, they enjoyed the music and showed it and it was a good mix of people. That certainly has changed from the first concerts I saw in Germany. They draw a wider variety of people now, largely thanks to the Pain of Salvation tour. It suits them, This band does not fit into a box, neither should their audience. I believe the energy coming from the room carried them the guys through this gig and I hope everyone who was there carried some of it home. I’d be surprised if there were not more people next time they play in Munich.

After the concert I stayed for the usual chat and learned that Guillaume had been ill all day. Poor guy. He retreated right after the concert. Everyone else was in a good mood and there were hugs all around. The next day would take them onwards to Dresden for the next concert. I’d catch up with them in Aschaffenburg.

Setlist (incomplete):

Things you said
Someone who cares
You just have to know of me
Ljoð í sand
Á meðan jörðin sjefur
You again
Nú gleymist ég

pictures of this concert

Árstíðir spring tour: 3 concerts down, 15 to go, next stop: Aschaffenburg

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