The forest falls with leaves of surrender

Agent Fresco – Matrix, Bochum; August 22nd, 2016

It’s a strange feeling for me to go to a concert where I am not emotionally involved and “just” like the music. Seeing Agent Fresco in Bochum was one of those nights: hypnotic music to sway to and listen with my eyes closed, but without the tug at my heartstrings that I feel for my favorite bands. I immediately turn into an observer, watch the people around me and myself, wait for the moment that draws me in. Sometimes I get lost in the music, sometimes I don’t, but it can be fun either way. This night as a good one, if a bit difficult to get into and I’m glad I went. It ended with a smile on my face.

Like the last time when they played in Oberhausen, the audience did not arrive until shortly before the doors opened and it was easy to get a spot at the front. I felt tired from lack of sleep the previous night and was glad they did not make us wait long. Support act Ashby started soon, playing a solid set. I liked their music and singer Sabina’s vocals, but overall it didn’t speak to me much. Very listenable though, a good start.

Meanwhile the venue had filled up nicely and I spotted several people with Agent Fresco T-shirts. I checked my watch and hoped for them to start soon, because last time I’d seen them the wait was much too long (it was a festival and several bands played before them). This looked good though, changing the stage didn’t take long and before 9:00 pm the band was on stage.

When they started playing. I realized just how long I hadn’t listened to any of their music. I had only a vague idea of their catalogue or what they sounded like. The fact that it was difficult to hear Arnór didn’t make recognizing songs any easier. The first one was ‘Anemoi’ from he album ‘A long time listening’ followed by ‘He is listening’ before they turned to territory more familiar to me. I stood among fans though and they seemed to know every line. Me? I observed and smiled at Keli pounding the drums with flying hair, Vignir closing his eyes while laying down the bass lines , Þórarinn squeezing the last out of his guitar and Arnór, who never stands still and talks almost as much as he moves.

Watching them was certainly entertaining and while the music did not grab me in a way that made me forget everything else, being there was fun. The band clearly enjoyed being on stage and gave everything. The energy in the room was high, many in the audience were swaying with he music. Arnór told stories about the songs, having a new puppy and his girlfriend kicking him in the butt when he didn’t want to leave for the tour saying that others would kill for a chance to tour in a country not their own. He frequently thanked us for coming and supporting the band, coming across very humble.

Their set was short, but intense with ‘Dark water’, one of my favorites appearing in the second half. When they ended with ‘Catcher’ everyone was sweaty, on stage as well as of, but of course we wanted more. For ‘The Autumn Red’ Arnór walked into the audience and sang from their – wonderful. They gave is one final song and left for good. I would have loved to hear more, but I guess I will have to come back another time to do so. 🙂

It got crowded at the merchandise stand where the band signed autographs and chatted with fans. I didn’t stay this time, walking home with good memories from the concert.


He Is Listening
Wait For Me
A Long Time Listening
See Hell
Dark Water
Eye of the Cloud
The Autumn Red

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