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The Anatomy of Frank – Pop In, Paris; October 29th, 2016

A good band is one that plays their heart out, no matter how small or large the audience is and no matter how many of them are listening. Last night in Paris, I witnessed The Anatomy of Frank giving it all in front of seven people at the start of their gig at Pop In. By the time they ended, the small room was full and everyone in the audience was singing too. The band worked hard to bring their special magic out to people and succeeded. It was beautiful! <3

The band’s website had indicated doors would open at 8 pm, but when I got to the venue they told me they’d open at 9 pm so I opted for a walk and returned later. I did not see all that much of Paris, but it was oK. I’d been there before. Was back around 8:30 and still had to wait for an hour before they did open the doors. I was the first one inside and found myself at one of the darkest venues I had ever seen, candles might have been brighter. 😉 Kyle switched on one more light and a few people walked in. I stood by the side, camera ready.

Kyle greeted everyone and started playing a song I thought I had never heard. It might have been the new one he talked about writing in Basel, but I can’t know that for sure. It is just as possible that I forgot hearing it before. Meant to ask him after the show, but forgot that too. Either way, I liked it 🙂 Max and Jimmy joined Kyle on stage and I sat down in front of it. They played one of the songs I had heard in Basel – on that setlist it said ‘Disney’, but I cannot be sure this is the full title. ‘Photographs of Inuvik in January’ followed. More people came and others left, while the guys played on, unfazed.

The double of ‘Minnesota Part 1’ and ‘Diagonal North America’ did the trick I think. Someone joined me on the floor and soon more people followed his example, came in drawn by the music and stayed. Soon we made quite some noise and brought smiles to the band’s faces as well as mine. I love seeing them take over a new audience and eventually they always manage. There is no way to escape the beauty of their songs. It probably doe snot speak to everyone, but if it does you can’t help but smile and sway with he music. As usual I sang along, even though I don’t know all the lyrics. I just can’t keep quiet.

Kyle announced the South America songs, starting with ‘Patagonia’, then playing ‘Minnesota Part 2’ in between. That song is one I can never get enough of. ‘Ecuador followed with the Davide/Giovanni story. People were laughing, it worked. ‘Viteri’ did not get much of an explanation this time, but was lovely. I like all the new songs, no matter which album they belong to and when they were written. Of course Kyle showed us what we’d get if we bough the album and told us we were getting “one hell of a preview” for the next one. He kept joking, it was appreciated. People were really into the gig by now.

The set ended with ‘La Llorona’, without the sing-along. Yet a few people had just walked in so the band came back for ‘Vancouver’ to not leave them hanging with half a song. Kyle asked us all to stand up for the call and response. We did and it worked beautifully. There were some enthusiastic singers in the room, loudly and proudly making their voices heard. It was fabulous and much more than I had expected from this venue or crowd. 🙂 People cheered happily when it was over and some CDs were sold as well. Success!

I hung out for a while and watched the guys packing, chatting with Kyle. There was nothing I could help with though and I felt a bit useless so I finally said goodbye, hugged all of them, wished them a safe trip to Iceland and assured them we’d meet again there. Soon…


Scandinavian Moon
Photographs of Inuvik in January
Minnesota Part 1
Diaginal North America
Minnesota Part 2
Bridge over Lake Champlain
La Llorona

pictures of this concert

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