Singing in the Rain

Martin and James – Hockey Park, Mönchengladbach; June 17th 2011

I disliked the fact that Martin and James were supporting Bryan Adams very much, but I wanted to see them again and this was the only way. Mönchengladbach was the closest gig and conveniently on a Friday too.

Got there around 4.00 p.m. and the lines were surprisingly short. Met up with A., chatted, waited. Before they let us in the bad weather came and I was glad I had brought a poncho to save me from the rain. Ran in, got a spot in 2nd row right, then realized the mics were on the left, changed places and were 3rd row. I talked to people around me and nicely asked if they’d let me to the front for Martin and James. They did so and as soon as the guys took the stage, I had a front row spot and a great view.

They didn’t start until 7:45 p.m. and the rain was coming down hard, dripping on the stage and “bouncing” back up. They only played a 25 minute set, but I loved it very much. I sang my heart out along with them and slowly, other people got into it too. I had the feeling they had to work harder than usual to take over the audience, but they did get friendly applause and people seemed to enjoy it. It was over in a heartbeat. To the disbelief of those around us A. and I left the front as soon as Martin and James were off the stage. A few of those who I had talked to before the gig looked at me all happy, told me “They were amazing”  and nodded apreciatively. Yeah, I know! 🙂


Turn it up
Crashing into Love
Live Wires
I have to fall
All over the news
Wrong Directions
Little bits of Light

We got food and drinks and hung out through all of Bryan Adam’s gig, hoping to see “our” guys after. They had not said anything about coming out, but they had done so in Belin a few days earlier.  Unfortunately, our hopes were not rewarded.

Bryan Adams was boring. I actually liked a few songs and he didn’t come across as arrogant as 15 years earlier, but not as fun or interesting either.

After the show there was no bus, so I walked with two other people until we managed to catch a taxi, wishing I had left after Martin and James were done playing. So it was  much time spent for little music I wanted to hear but I’d still do it again. They are definetely worth it!

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