And you told me fortunes in American slang

The Revival Tour – Skater’s Palace, Münster; October 13th 2011

I knew it was going to be a long night. What I didn’t know was, just how awesome it would be.

I arrived a bit over an hour before the doors opened and found 4 people lined up – I had expected a lot more. We got chatting and time passed quickly. They were all really nice and one of them, S., was a huge Brian Fallon and Revival Tour fan. He had been following them all week, sharing stories, smiling, being all giddy – I instantly felt connected to him, because he knew what it’s like to be a fan and it always makes me happy not to be alone with this ‘craziness’ that so few people really understand. This time of course, I was just there for the fun and the music.

We got to the front easily and sat down. I was ready to fall asleep and didn’t feel much alive until shortly before the show started and the adrenaline kicked it. The moment the lights went out, all tiredness was forgotten and the first notes of music put a huge smile on my face.

It all started with Jon Gaunt and Joe Ginsberg on violin and stand up bass respectively. They were soon joined by everyone on stage and they shared singing different songs. I listened and tried to pick up he choruses looked at my mates’ faces and saw my smile reflected there. The first song I recognized was The Gaslight Anthem’s ‘Great Expectations’. It is also one of my favorites and I was singing along at the top of my lungs “I saw taillights, last night…” – so amazing! One more song from the entire gang and they left the stage to Dave Hause.

I didn’t know any of his songs beforehand, but I enjoyed his set very much. He had a lot of fun with the audience, watching people and commenting on what they did. One guy was apparently raising one finger in the air in time with the music and Dave said he loved watching him doing that and showed us a Saturday Night fever move. He also noticed one of the security guards clapping along, asked him for his name (Klaus)  and handed him a tambourine. It was great! Different people joined him for different songs until it was time to hand the singing duties over to Chuck Ragan.

I’d seen Chuck before, supporting The Gaslight Anthem last year, but I could not remember any of his songs. Guess I didn’t listen to his CD enough. Either way, I loved his set. He’s a real rock ‘n’ roll worker who often screams the songs more than he sings them, just belting them out at the top of his lungs, always smiling in the process. He commented on some of the songs, but did not interact with the audience as much as Dave did. Again the others kept walking on and off stage, singing a few songs with him.

Next up was Dan Andriano. Again I had no idea about his music, but liked it. He was a bit more quiet than the others, but seemed to enjoying everything as much as they did, clearly loving sharing the singing with his friends.

Brian Fallon started his set together with Ian Perkins, playing songs of their band The Horrible Crowes before turning into a jukebox for us, and playing The Gaslight Anthem songs on our request. He was very funny interacting with the audience, trying to get people to react. Someone just gave him a blank stare and he quipped “I got Bruce Springsteen coming over my house and I can’t even get a reaction.” It made me smile when Brian talked about using other people’s lines in his songs and making it obvious, explaining that he wants people to get interested in the original artists. He also told us how “Call every girl we ever met Maria” line in ‘Blue Jeans and White T-Shirts’ came about and high-fived the audience. I sang along most during his set, because I knew the lyrics. At the end of ‘American Slang’ my voice gave in and I ended it a coughing fit, but it didn’t matter.

For the ending set everyone was back on stage. David Hause stage dived and was carried back by Klaus the security guard. Everyone was smiling and sweating and looking as if they never wanted to leave. Chuck even commented this was the best gig ever. He handed out two of his harmonicas at the end and I was lucky enough to get one of them. Finally, after almost 4 hours (!) of music it was over. I was drenched and I was happy. So much fun!

After the show we went to the merchandise stand and I got to chat with Chuck a bit. I thanked him and told him I thought it was awesome. His reply was “Yeah, I saw you” – apparently he liked to see me rocking along with them. 😀 He took his time with all the fans, signing everything, speaking a few words with each one. Everyone else was really nice too.
Outside we met Brian. He was very patient with everyone, posing for pictures and chatting. Someone remarked at him being so nice with his fans and he replied that he would not be in this place without us. “You know, I don’t think I’m special because I know how to play the guitar.” Wise words. 🙂

We hung out a bit longer, because S. did not want to say goodbye. He tried explaining that to me and I told him he did not have to. I knew exactly where he was coming from. For him, Brian Fallon means as much as Poets of the Fall mean to me. I gladly stayed until he was ready. Finally we said goodbye around 12:30 am and I had to make my way to the train station. What a wonderful night!

Setlist: (this is the one they had on stage,  have no idea if they actually played these songs)

Jon and Joe intro
Nomad by Fate
Me and Denver
Great Expectations

Dave Hause
Time will tell (Joe, Dan)
Pretty good Year
Pray for Tuscon
Resolutions (Jon)
Trusty Chords
C’mon Kid (Joe, Dan, Chuck)

Chuck Ragan
It’s what you will
Let it rain
Cut ’em down
Nothing left to Prove
Irish washer woman
For broken Ears (Dave)
Between the Lines
Meet you in the Middle (Brian)
The Boat

Dan Andriano
Every Thug needs a Lady
Another Innocent
Hollow Sounds
It’s gonna rain (Jon, Joe)
Hurricane Season (Chuck, Jon, Joe)
Bleeder (Chuck)
Blue Carolina
Emma (Dave)
Crawl (Brian)
Oil Can

Brian Fallon
Black Betty and the Moon (Ian)
I witnessed a Crime (Ian)
Lady Killer (Ian)
The Diamond Church Street Choir (Ian)
The Navesink Banks
Angry Joe and the Radio
Old White Lincoln
Here’s looking at you Kid
Blue Jeans and White T-Shirts
American Slang (everyone)

On the Bow
I was a Prayer
California Burritos
The 59 Sound
Revival Road

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