There’s a world without you

The Rasmus – Bochum; January 31st 2009

Almost a week ago I saw The Rasmus in Bochum. They are not my favorite band in the world, but I like their music and since it was close to home I dropped by to see if I could score a ticket to the totally sold out show. I arrive to a long line already forming with people at the front who – judging by the blankets they carried – had been waiting there for quite some time already. I walked around a bit and saw a girl holding a ticket. She was selling it so within 20 minutes of my arrival I had a ticket at face value.

When  we finally got in, the front was already packed so I decided to sit on the stairs in the back. The Zeche is rather small and I had a great view of the stage from where I was sitting. The support act was an all women band called “Fräulein Wunder”. Everyone around me badmouthed them, not wanting to hear any support act, but actually they were OK. Nothing I’d listen to at home, but I have heard a lot worse. Plus yeah for an all female band!

Shortly after 8:00 p.m. the Finns hit the stage and the fans went nuts. They started with “Living in a world without you” and for the next hour and a half played a lot of entertaining music. They played mostly songs I know and love, of course from the current album, as well as from the three before. I was happy to hear songs from ‘Dead Letters’ which is still my favourite. They certainly did not blow my off my feet, but I had fun and they were really good. They were fun to watch and very much into it. The audience was very active as well – great atmosphere.

For the encore they got a fan on stage to sing one of their Finnish songs with them and she did exceptionally well. She could sing and she sounded very Finnish to me. Of course it was over too soon, but a very enjoyable evening.

Setlist (probably not correct, just copied from another concert)

Livin´ in a World without you
No Fear
Ten Black Roses
In my Life
Your Forgiveness
First Day of my Life
Ghost of Love
Not like the other Girls
Live forever
The Fight
In the Shadows

Sail away

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