Are we human or are we dancer?

The Killers – Düsseldorf; March 13th 2009

The latter obviously…
Yesterday I had the pleasure to witness a concert by The Killers and it was bloody amazing. Granted, I had no idea what I was in for, but once I allowed myself to just go with the flow I had a great time.

Got there a bit after 16:00 and the lines weren’t all that long yet. Figured I’d make it to somewhere near the front. Got in around 18:00 and wondered why in the world they had a pit set up – I should have taken that as a clue. Ended up 3rd row on the left behind a few short girls/women and was quite happy with my spot. Sat down for a while, because I was dead tired and my back hurt, but could not stand people crowding in on me so I got up again. Some days I feel really old.

At 20:00 the support act Louis XIV started. They weren’t half bad. I enjoyed their set and had a good spot to take pictures. After they were done, we were in for a long wait.  The changing of stage set up took forever. Also it was long done before The Killers finally came out at 21:20.

The first song “Human” hadn’t even fully started when I realized why there was a mosh pit. Everyone around me suddenly started to pogo. I didn’t have the slightest chance to keep my spot, never mind taking pictures. I could only do one of two things: a) get the hell out of there or b) go along with it. After thinking for the second time that night “I am too old for this!” I shrugged, grabbed a firm hold on my camera and did as everyone else did: jump around like crazy.
Interestingly that jumping did a world of good to my back pain and it was fun. Within seconds I was smiling, shouting, drifting back and forth and enjoying it tremendously. I let myself be pushed to the back though because it was just a little too wild in the front. Ended up drifting between row ten and 20 at the center, dancing, singing, jumping and even taking pictures.

I don’t know the songs very well, but enough to recognize and sing along to my favorites. Everyone around me knew all the lyrics. I did not, but I didn’t care. The band had amazing power and didn’t need to do much to fire up the audience. The sound was great and singer Brandon Flowers sure has stage presence. The atmosphere was just wonderful, energy was flowing from the stage to the audience and back, everyone was part of a moving, breezing mass, attending a huge party.

My personal highlights were ‘Somebody told me’, because it was the first Killers’ song I ever knew and ‘Sam’s Town’, because it sounds so much like Springsteen, but it’s really hard to pick favorites. It was a great, great show. I totally loved it and by the time they ended 90 minutes later with confetti falling from the ceiling I was sweaty and ready to leave. I am so happy I decided to go there. Probably not for the last time either. What a great night and what a fun show!


This Is Your Life
Somebody Told Me
For Reasons Unknown
I Can’t Stay
Joy Ride
Neon Tiger
Bling (Confession of a King)
Shadowplay (Joy Division cover)
Smile Like You Mean It
A Dustland Fairytale
Sam’s Town
Read My Mind
Mr. Brightside
All These Things That I’ve Done
Losing Touch
Jenny Was a Friend of Mine
When You Were Young

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