Set me free

Poets of the Fall – Kaivohuone, Naantali; July 2nd 2010

After arrival in Helsinki I traveled to Salo to meet my friends K. and R. We spent some time in K’s appartment before we left for Naantali, arived way too early and hung out in the park. The sun was shining, we chatted, saw 4 out of 6 band members walking around, but left them alone. It was a long wait. Due to a private party the door didn’t open until 22:00.

Once inside, we settled down in front row and watched the party that was still ongoing behind us. People watching 😀 When getting drinks I almost bumped into Marko, literally. I hadn’t seen him at all (guess I was not paying attention to where I was going) and suddenly he was right in front of me. Not only did I almost run him over it also took me a moment to recognize him. We just greeted each other and then went our separate ways.

We had to wait for the show until shortly after midnight, but then they rocked. It was not a fan audience so they had to work hard, but that didn’t spoil the fun at all. The sound was not great for the first two songs, but got considerably better as they went along.

I know the setlist by now, but still haven’t gotten bored with it. There are always so many wonderful little moments. K. had brought a frisbee and spent some time writing the lyrics to ‘Overboard’ on it. It was read, but the song didn’t get played. Didn’t expect it to happen, but it was worth a try.

After being stuck to the micstand for the first bit off the show, Marko decided to take the mic off during ‘Rewind’, but could not get the cable unwound. He struggled for most of the song, then obviously figured he needed help and raised the micstand to me, singing “set me free“ until I had untangled the cable. 🙂

I got many looks and smiles that night from the guys which is always welcome. I managed to take quite a few pictures, but still didn’t have the camera up all the time. Did some jumping and again unsuccessfully tried the arms waving during ‘Change’. This time Marko did it with me in the end and then everyone went along. Overall it was a nice gig, with a slow, but good audience. I loved it and enjoyed being among friends. What a great night!

After the gig we waited outside. Captain came first, deep in conversation. He waved, but left. Marko would have done the same, which was totally OK, but then some girl stopped him asking for an autograph and picture. So after he turned to us for a little bit and hugged K. and me before he left. 🙂 Olli, Jani and Jari left later. We said goodbye and I stopped Jari to finally get his signature on my booklet. Jaska was still there on the back porch, but we both didn’t feel like going back inside so we went home.


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pictures of this concert

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